Uluru sunrise and the valley of the winds

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August 31st 2011
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We were all woken up really early so we could get to our viewing spot for the sunrise. We drove to our spot in mainly darkness and took a short walk up to the viewpoint which you can see Kata Tjuta and Uluru as the sun rises. There was a few clouds in the sky which made the pictures even more amazing!

I think that the sunrise was even better then the sunset. We ate breakfast and then headed into Kata Tjuta which is another rock outcropping in the area also known as the Olgas.

The hike in the area is called the Valley of the Winds. It's a beautiful valley. The hike isn't the easiest to do with broken ribs so me and the tour guide only did the walk up to the second lookout and then headed back to the bus to start lunch. Was a really nice walk but it was SO hot!

Once everyone returned we had lunch and then hopped back in the van for the long drive to Kings Creek station. On the way we were able to stop at Fooluru and actually see it. We also had to stop along the side of the road to collect some firewood.

We saw a wild camel near the road and were able to stop and get some pictures of it. Sadly though he didn't look so good. Our tour guide figures he broke his leg and it didn't heal properly so he looked like he wasn't walking too well. Poor camel!

We had a big bbq for dinner where I got to try Kangaroo. It was really tasty. We had little kangaroo steaks. Good bbq and then we laid out the swags by the fire and fell asleep under the stars again.

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11th September 2011

Have I told you
I love that style of hat on you Laurene, when did you get it? I'm so glad you got to visit that area.
11th September 2011

What can I say...this is amazing. Good group picture.
12th September 2011

Thanks Aunty Gail! Which hat, my sun hat? I got it on the east coast at a market my parents and I went to. I love it! I'm glad I got here too, was amazing!

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