Top End Adventure

Published: June 13th 2012
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We have had a blast on our top end adventure. We call it the top end adventure because Anthony calls out “top end” and we all have to say “adventure”. He has called it out in all sorts of places like our favourite, Gunlom Falls in Kakadu.

We stopped in at the Window over Kakadu Tourist info centre to find out what was open etc. We were a bit disappointed cause lots of things were still closed because of the wet season. The 2 families sat outside to work out our plan of attack and to have some snacks. Of course I had my trusty friend Fred with me. Daniel yelled out “look out Billy!” I looked up and saw heaps of hawks and kites circling around to try and get Fred. I quickly put him back in his box. We drove out to Ubirr to see the lookout and art work but there was heaps of water over the road with croc warning signs. We had the caravan’s on the back so decided to tackle this crossing another day without the vans. Next stop Jabaru. We had some lunch there and checked out the sites. Mum wanted to stay at the resort that is the shape of a crocodile but we didn’t. We ended up at the Mary River Tourist Park (I think). Mum was worried because there were crocodile warning signs everywhere around the caravan park and we were right on the river.

We unhitched and drove to the Adelaide river to catch a Jumping Croc boat cruise. Us kids were playing on the playground when Dad and Lou realized we were in the wrong cruise place (how embarrassing).

When we got to the right place it was beautiful. Along the road were wet lands and buffalo everywhere. I wondered how come they don’t get eaten by crocs, and guess what???? Some do. The guy told us the massive crocs do eat the buffalo sometimes. There was a huge snake there. The man got the snake out of the tank. Daniel held it. There was noooo way I was.

The jumping crocs were really scary. They were huge. They use their strong tails to get the meat off the fishing line. Dad, mum and I were laughing at their little arms when they jump up.

It was mothers’ day while we were there. The night before Mother’s Day Anthony and my dad went to check out the restaurant and bar to make sure it was a good place to take the mums and us out for tea the next night. They were very lucky cause the Broncos were playing. They watched it and came home after I was in bed. Mum said they are very thoughtful. Our dinner the next night at the restaurant was really nice. Lou and mum had to share a plastic flower the dad’s organized the night before (I think they made that bit up).

We crossed the Ubirr water crossing the next day. Ubirr was awesome. The adults were soooo excited. (There was heaps of top end calls up there.) Daniel and I were the first ones up to the look out. From there you could see all of Kadadu. There are 7 different habitats in Kakas. We saw all of them like the wetlands, the monsoon forests, the stony country and some other ones I can’t remember. The art work in the caves were better than the Ayres rock work. Warning!!!! Some of it was a bit violent. Like the picture of the man beating the boyfriend and girlfriend who were brother and sister. Weird huh?

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