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Well it was nice to be back on the road again, today. We took our time getting organised, Rob had to take the hire car back first and I got things ready and made a chicken pot roast in the Shuttle chef for tonights dinner. We didnt have to far to go, before we found the Arnhem highway. The Kakadu national park is kind of a triangle that starts off the Stuart Highway, reaches the top of the triangle at Jabiru then heads back down to the highway at Pine Creek. So I think its about a 600 k drive round the triangle. We firstly stopped at Humpty Doo, only a few k's in off the highway. The pub here is World famous, but we're not really sure why. It's just a kind of open air ... read more
Humpty doo hotel
Humpty doo Boxing croc
Humoty doo bakery

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Kakadu National Park » Jabiru February 22nd 2015

Hi Everyone, It’s the last day of the tour with Mel and two of the girls in our group today and the four oldies, this is because this whole 13 day tour we are doing is split into 3 sections, so other people can choose to do 3, 6, 10 or 13 days. Today on the itinerary was the drive over to Litchfield National park, some more waterfalls and spring feed streams (Florence Falls, Buley Rockhole waterfalls and Wangi falls). Always refreshing as it is so hot and muggy!! First thing we visited was the termite mounds there are two types, the tallest being the Cathedral Termite mounds these can get up to 6 metres in height, and the Magnetic mounds which are the thin grave stone mounds that the termites build facing north/south, so their ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Kakadu National Park » Jabiru September 8th 2014

Window to the Wetlands Interpretive Centre– was a fascinating place set up on a high hill overlooking a large wetland. I was impressed by the number of interactive displays that kept kids and adults engaged. There was a very informative film on the natural cycles of flood and drought. It reminded me of the extremes of seasons in Canada – very cold, and very hot! It also reminded me the belief that Australia is always hot and dry and Canada is always cold and barren. I suppose that’s what people remember, because, well, if you’ve ever been to Canada in the winter, you WILL remember it!! And, if you’ve ever been to Australia in the summer, you WILL remember it. Leaning Tree Lagoon – this was a little jewel covered with bird life and white lily ... read more
Eye of the Crocodile
Rocks at Ubirr at sunset
David, the moon & the rock

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Kakadu National Park » Jabiru September 2nd 2014

We packed up and left just before 10am, did the usual dump and then the fuel stop at the one and only BP while I went next door to the Jabiru Bakery and bought some more of the delicious pecan tarts and a couple of fruit scrolls. We drove about 31km down the road to Mamukala, where there is a bird hide overlooking the flood plain wetlands. We were very surprised to see a very large, new building with large viewing areas, a couple of bench seat and a set of steps to allow children to see as well. They also had some good information boards showing the six seasons with comments by one of the elders about the foods available at each season and what they did to catch them. We watched for about half ... read more
Manukala  Wetlands
Comb-crested Jacana
An Original Toyota "Bull Catcher"

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Kakadu National Park » Jabiru September 1st 2014

We had intended to head for Darwin today but we were both feeling a bit drained by the heat and decided to have another relaxing day in this lovely environment. We spent most of it in the air conditioned van using the computers. I also did some washing, which dried really fast on the line. We had a rather late lunch and then went for a swim in the lovely covered pool, with its fake waterfall at one end cascading in to the water. Knowing how cool it was from last time, I dived straight in but Barry walked in slowly up to the edge of his trunks and just stood there beside a lady who was doing the same. It took a bit of persuading, but he did eventually go all the way in and ... read more
Jabiru Bakery
Mimi's - Spirit Ancestors
Difficult to Age

We set of towards Ubirr, 40 km from Jabiru, another rock art site rated by most as even better than Nourlangie. We should have gone a bit earlier as the day was getting hot already by the time we arrived. We went into the Border Store to see if they had a map or guide sheet but they didn’t. It’s right on the border of Arnhemland, which is an area that requires special permits to enter and is the only shop beyond Jabiru. They had nothing we needed, though, so we headed for the Rock Art. It was about 11 am by the time we got to the Ubirr walking track so we made sure we had hats, sunscreen, mozzie repellent and plenty of water. The walk itself was quite easy with just a few spots ... read more
Pandanas Seed Pod
Mabuyu Catching His Meal.
A Long- Necked Turtle

Today was a rest day after all the walking yesterday in the heat. We went into Jabiru and found the supermarket (the one and only) and did some shopping. Then stopped at the Bakery for some fresh bread and some more pecan tarts, as we’d enjoyed the last ones so much. I also bought us each a quiche for lunch. After stowing our purchases and eating our lunch I worked on my blog while Barry watched some movies with the headphones on, sitting in our air conditioned van. The conditioner works hard to cool us in high temperatures as it isn’t very powerful but we had good shade from the tree by mid-afternoon so it was fine. In the evening we went to the poolside bar/bistro and had a drink and some dinner. Barry had a ... read more
A Lovely Shady Caravan Park
Jabiru Supermarket
Barry Lugging Shopping

Hi everyone, Today we did some small things. At 9 am we left with a boat on the East Alligator river to see some crocodiles and learn about the Aboriginals. We saw like 30 crocodiles in 2 hours, a lot! And we learned about the hunting techniques and carving and rituals of the Aboriginals. The guide gave us some red paint the Aboriginals use for painting rock walls and other stuff and my sister and I got ourselves some tribal stripes. Also we heard all kinds of ghost stories about people getting attacked by crocodiles. Like a woman who went cayaking at 7 pm and got attacked but she survived eventually. And a 12 year old boy who got eaten. Kinda scary when a crocodile is 2 meters away from the boat.. After this little trip, ... read more
Mr. Croc
Boat view
Red tribal stripes

There are more things we want to do in Australia/New Zealand/South East Asia than we can possibly fit into 6 months so we know we wont get to do them all. However, a priority for both of us is to go “Up Top” to the Northern Territory. We realized that we are heading into the Wet Season and that if we don’t go now, we may not be able to see Kakadu so…we went. Booked a trip and flights one day and left the next. There are really only two proper seasons in the North, the Dry and the Wet, however there is an unofficial season as the Dry turns into the Wet and it’s called the Buildup. Basically it means the heat is increasing, the humidity is increasing but the rain hasn’t come yet to ... read more
Rock paintings
I have my eye on you...

Following on from Ubirr we went to Nourlangie Rock again to look at some aboriginal rock paintings similar to Ubirr but telling a different story. An interesting place with paintings dating back thousands of years.This place is wheel chair friendly to a point but some of the paintings are only accessible after climbing up some rocks.There is also a cavern in which Aboriginal people would take shelter during the stormy wet season.Again an inspirational place where you would be taken back in time. We liked Ubirr and it's close proximity to so many natural attractions,one disappointment was that the road to Jim jim Jim Falls was closed not sure why.This road is strictly 4x4 for 2hrs followed by a 1hr hike over rocks to reach a spectacular waterfall and plunge pool,never mind there is always next ... read more

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