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Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin October 6th 2010

Things I'll always remember from Darwin (at least, I will now I've written them down, six months drinking has messed with my memory somewhat): * Mine and Sarah's Passion Pop fuelled morning pool party when I crossed several new boundaries and ended up passed out at the side of Stuart Highway with an Irishman from Longford. * "Oh Kakadu, Take Me Home, To my Mountain Friends" the great Abbodiginous man who sings at Mindl Beach and always knows which of his two songs you want to hear. * The week the 5000 American sailors came to stay and Jo had to work 19 hour days. I was also working, and didn't have one night out that week. But did spend a lot of time ignoring real customers so I could flirt with them when they came ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin October 5th 2010

Monday 4th October Well, after the last blog entry, I wanted to be a bit more upbeat, but we've not had the best of starts today. First port of call was the Darwin Dam (Darwin Damn, more like, as there were barricades preventing any viewings). Never mind, we thought, we'll head to Berry Springs for a swim. It looked absolutely stunning, but was closed for the day (we think they may have found a big croc in the water). Life in the outback seems to be trying to tell us something, so we decided to head back into Darwin itself a day early. En-route we saw quite a major bush fire (luckily it didn't originate from 2 English tourists cooking pot noodles). It feels really good to be back in a city and we went to ... read more
Wavepool on Darwin Waterfront
Han picking a box up with her you do
Part of the quiz???

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin September 23rd 2010

Day 80 Darwin (Tues 21st Sept) So we reached the shores of our final country in the early hours of this morning, some time after 0230. At that time of morning, immigration and customs and I didn’t have to wait very long for everyone else to come through. We then got a shuttle bus from the airport to our hostel on Mitchell Street, arriving by 0400. Darwin was still dark, of course, but we could see it was a nice small city. While checking in, Stephen realised that he had lost his wallet and so he ended up heading back to the airport. The rest of us lugged our stuff up to the third floor and settled in - all the girls in an 8-bed dorm. By the time I had my shower and got to ... read more
The Vic
Big Croc
The little Crocs

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin September 12th 2010

It was difficult to pull up stakes in Kununurra. We really liked it there. So much to do that we really ran ourselves a little ragged. However, we did, and on we moved. The trip to Timber Creek was very easy and as usual we were there and set up before lunch TIMBER CREEK Timber Creek is a small town on the highway. The population is largely aboriginal. It felt a friendly town and the van park was fine. We had heard that the boat cruise on the Victoria River was very good so we were keen to stop over at Timber Creek to do that. However, right up to the time we arrived, they did not have the necessary six people. As we are getting near to the end of September, the Wet is building ... read more
Florence Falls
Across the Victoria River

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin September 2nd 2010

Halls Creek was seen as a stopover and indeed it was. We were told to consider other options as the town might be a little unfriendly. We did not find that and although the caravan park was all red gravel, we found it a convenient spot to stay. The weather was warming and so the air conditioner was beginning to come into play. We love the warmer weather and are really looking forward to it. The rig is going well. We are closing in on 20,000 klm in the car and 10,000 klm in the van. The car is due for a service when we get to Darwin. HALLS CREEK As we said, Halls Creek is an overnight stay. We arrived early afternoon and after setting up we went off to check out the sights. China ... read more
Boab Water
China Wall

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin August 25th 2010

While Sydney was great, we chase the sun which in turn leads to fun. We took a month to ride "The Animal" through the Outback and have made it to Darwin where it's 5 dudes to every girl. Woooohooooooo!!! "When there is a fork in the road, take it."- Some dude at Wicked Campers... read more
Great Barrier Reef
Blue Mountains
Koala Lovin

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin August 10th 2010

Darwin is a little busy outpost on the northern coast and felt like a metropolis after 5 weeks of one-road towns. It was a charming place, not least due to the hospitality of Fizz, Tani and Phoebe (still calling me Sandra). We went for fish, chips and ice cream on the harbour, and then the next night were treated to homemade stew, which, although it was about 30 degrees outside, was magnificent. Paula was really desperate to see the WWII gun emplacement at East Point (I think it was one of her “must do’s” for Australia), so we went and had a look. Now, notwithstanding the massive sacrifices of Australian troops overseas in various conflicts, I think it’s generally fair to say that Australians over-egg their domestic wartime experiences a little. This was one exception however: ... read more
Fish and chips!
Phoebes and dad.
Potential comedy sketch - just need a man with plank turning round behind him.

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin July 29th 2010

DARWIN Mon 19th July, I took Pam into the Darwin Hospital casualty section to find what is the problem with her knee. After spending 5 hours there in total we were none the wiser as even the x-rays didn’t show any visible damage. The doctor thinks it may be a piece of bone or cartilage floating around. They suggested that it would be better to have it looked at in Melbourne as it would take too long to process here in Darwin. Tues 20th July, I took the car in to Hidden Valley Ford for it’s 45,000 service. All OK except that they reported that the rear suspension bushes have worn and cracked, needing replacement. It is a big job as the LPG tank has to be removed and then replaced after the repair. Also the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin July 18th 2010

Sun 11th July, Hi there, we are back on air again. We spent most of the week sitting around in Wyndham, spending time chatting with our neighbours in the caravan park. Pam had the bejesus frightened out of her one morning as she was reading in her chair under a tree, when the local resident ass/mule snuck up behind her and nudged her shoulder, then laughed at her. I couldn’t stop laughing. Mon 12th July, Left early and headed for Kununurra to do some shopping and make some phone calls while we were in range of Telstra. It was still difficult to get a camp site there, so we continued on to Victoria River for the night. A nice little park at the roadhouse. We camped alongside a couple from Seaford in Melbourne. Small world isn’t ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin July 12th 2010

Hello again from Australia! This part of the blog takes in our trip up to Darwin and a visit to two national parks, Kakadu and Litchfield. This was a trip we decided on at the very last minute and it was well worth it!! The Northern Territory seems to get a bit of an overlook by backpackers who mainly focus on the travels up and down the east coast, but in my opinion its a gold mine up has with a doubt been one of the highlights in Australia!! We headed up there at the end of May for 5 days and it just passed far too quick!! Darwin is not at all what I expected it to be like....apart from being humid as hell of course it is much more developed and commercialised than ... read more
Me having a go
Small but they pack a bite!
Magnetic termite mounds....all face North to South!

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