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January 3rd 2008
Published: January 3rd 2008
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We have a bone to pick with John from STA travel. He led us into believing that Darwin would be a good place to visit. So far pretty much everything's been closed (shops, restaurants etc) so we've been killing time for a few days...

The locals are extremely strange but luckily we got talking to a couple of normal people in a bar just before NY. One guy was a dj who we then went to see on New Years eve. The music was pretty good, good party atmosphere but we were glad to go and stand in the dj box and escape the sleazing men!

Took a trip out to Litchfield National Park yesterday and stopped on the way to go on a jumping crocodile cruise. Was amazing to see the crocs jump out out of the water to snap up a piece of meat right by the boat. The ones we saw were 3-5m long, which is big enough to eat you! Got some good pics, as you will see...

The National Park wasn't as expected (was expecting something like Yosemite) but it wasn't even a patch on the Lake District. However, we got to swim in some amazing waterfalls (which would be too cold in the LD!). The guide told us to watch out for snakes and waterfall tsunamis which was quite offputting but was fun all the same.

The rest of the time we've spent in bed or drinking because there's just nothing to do! (we even played Pictionary one night with no board/timer/paper - played with Belgian & Italian guy so was quite amusing). Other than that we try and stay out as late as poss so we don't get up too early. Weather is mixed so it's not like we can sit by the pool and sunbathe all day!

Cannot wait for Cairns tomorrow!! Better be good because Sel's first impression of Oz = not good!

Bye for now xxx

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3rd January 2008

Hi Victoria and Selina I'm really enjoying reading your blog. Brings back memories of my trip in 1990/1 which was very like your trip so far but in reverse. Hope you like Cairns. No beach but you MUST get a dayboat out onto Barrier Reef for snorkelling. There are some lovely beaches up the coast, like Palm Cove. I used to go there on my day off when I was working at hospital. Also you can do a boardwalk walk in rainforest-watch out for cassowaries. Daintree was not developed when I was there, just 1 lodge I think, and we camped. Fantastic night sky. Diving courses in Cairns worth the money if you have time.

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