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June 15th 2006
Published: July 6th 2006
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There was a noticable air of tension in the camp this morning as we all breakfasted in the chill, but the mood thawed during the first few kms thanks to The Rizla Game, which each Greg joined in, laughing and shouting - to our relief.

It was a long days drive. My bum ached continually and the old, cramped bus was made worse when I offered one of my 2 seats to Suze, who'd moved from the front seat to escape Greg's naff come-ons.

We had a fantastic sunset stop off at Devils Marbles - a huge playground of rocks for adults - climbing and clambering over the fantastic landscape.

Things were smoothing themselves out, or so we thought, as we settled down to that night's camp for a game of cards and a few beers. We'd got as far as dealing out the 2decks in prep for a game of Asshole when:

Who's put me bloody swag on metal rocks?!!

was shouted out of the blackness and Greg and another guy came running up to us.

Mike, (yes, the same yank that had broken the key), had pulled a nearby rolled double swag over to sit on; a move that turned out to be a big mistake....

Greg's mate turned out to be another Wayward tour guide and in minutes he'd found 4 puncture holes in his swag caused by Mike sitting on it on rocks. The poor yank was not having a good tour, but he made it worse for himself by refusing to pay for the damage, suggesting that Wayward should pay, and that the company was a joke due to all the problems we'd been having .....

For nearly an hour the pair played accusatory verbal tennis, the tour guide repeatedly trying to get Mike to leave the group so that they could 'discuss' it in private - luckily Mike wasn't stupid and knew what would happen without witnesses present. I swear the guide was going to punch Mike's lights out, but many arguments between us, Greg, Mike and the other tour guide later, we all decided nothing was being resolved and went to bed for the second night with bad tastes in our mouths.

Surely this tour can only get better? With only one day to go, we couldn't wait to hit Alice.

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Devils MarblesDevils Marbles
Devils Marbles

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