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Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Ayers Rock March 22nd 2012

Although we’d gone to bed early the night before and set several alarms we seemed to have misjudged the time of sunrise so we rushed to get to the viewing area inside the park. With this Will was given permission to go faster than the recommended speed limits.Fortunately we made it despite some other people on the roads who seemed not to be in such a rush, although there were a lot of other people who were there ahead of us to claim the prime viewing spots. With a little clever manoeuvring we soon found our way into the right areas to catch the images, but unfortunately luck was against us today and cloud was blocking the sun from illuminating Uluru. Not deterred we stayed just encase and got some good pictures given the conditions. Listening ... read more
Sunrise at Uluru
Walking across the top of Uluru
Climbing Uluru

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Ayers Rock March 21st 2012

Today we were leaving Melbourne to start our travels!! We caught a taxi to the airport at 5am and enjoyed a coffee and a doughnut whilst waiting to board our plane. We were travelling from Melbourne to Sydney, where we then had to change planes to fly from Sydney to Ayers Rock. Our flight from Melbourne was a little delayed but luckily not by enough to impact the next flight from Sydney. The weather in Sydney was still looking a little miserable when we arrived at the airport but we were glad to see that there was blue skies and sunshine when we arrived at Ayers Rock. There is only 1 resort for accommodation in Ayers Rock, but there are lots of options of hotels/ camping/ motels and hostels within that resort.We were staying in the ... read more
Will & Mark in the ceremonial cave
Up close view of Uluru
Watering Hole

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Ayers Rock February 6th 2012

As the plane approached Uluru there was eager excitement all round to spot the great rock from the air and luckily the plane circled for landing and so all got a birds-eye view of the infamous monolith as we approached the runway. It is really peculiar and amazing the way the massive rock protrudes from the never-ending flat landscape like a loaf of bread on a bread board (Ellen laughed at this description but that’s what it looks like!). It is actually a mass of sedimentary rock laid down in an alluvial plain from the erosion of a great mountain-scape, only to then be turned 90 degrees on its side – hence the striations that we see in the rock. Uluru draws people like a moth to a flame and it does not disappoint. It is ... read more
At cultural centre
ellen and friend at Uluru
Approach to Alice Springs

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Ayers Rock November 30th 2011

After a couple of nights in Alice Springs stocking up supplies and having a bit of a look around town we headed toward the red centre of Australia to see the big red rock. We were only 130kms out of Alice when we stopped for a wee break and were sizing up the area for an overnight camp possibility for our trip back. There was a couple camped there already and they had a nice little spot in the shade. Clean toilets, covered table and a little bit of water in the river for a swim. All of a sudden the lady stands up and starts to cry out in pain. Her husband tried desperately to calm her down but within a minute he was yelling out to us for help. She had started to convulse ... read more
Waterhole at Uluru
Uluru at sunset

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Ayers Rock November 23rd 2011

Hello from the Northern Territory’s Red Centre!! What a magical place this is! The Red Centre is, as its name suggests, the centre of Australia; a HUGE area comprising several national parks, conservation reserves, mounts and lakes (most ‘usually dry’). You can drive for kilometres (we just drove 450 kms) and see nothing at all but what the Australians call the ‘Outback’, an endless savannah similar to the African desert in its vastness and plainness. We travelled quite a long way to spend 2 days at the World Heritage-listed National Park which houses the famous rock formations: ‘Uluru’ (Ayers Rock) and ‘Kata Tjuta’ (The Olgas). What we felt when we came face to face to Kata Tjuta, on our first day, is something that could have easily been a scene out of ‘Close encounters of the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Ayers Rock November 15th 2011

Kakadu and the ‘Red Centre’ of Australia provide us with our first experiences of Aboriginal life, in various manifestations: culturally and historically significant cave paintings; the sale of indigenous art; informative educational centres and the less appealing sight of underemployed people drinking and arguing with each other in the street. We knew very little about Aboriginal culture, so we couldn’t help but learn every day. It relies upon oral tradition and paintings, rather than a written language or history. The 250 or more languages were not documented until European settlement (one of the few positive contributions to Aboriginal life made by white settlers). The ‘dreaming’ myths that form the basis of the history of the Australian continent are animistic, featuring serpents, birds, yam-headed humanoids and living rocks, among other unusual creatures. We saw plen... read more
Kings Canyon
Kings Canyon
Kings Canyon

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Ayers Rock October 25th 2011

Blog #2 from Central Australia has a focus on Kata Tjuta (many heads) or, The Olgas. Over two days we did three walks - with an evening dinner under the stars - "Sounds of Silence". The panorama above shows Kata Tjuta from a viewing platform to its south, still 15 minutes drive from the trail heads on its western side. Hope you like the photos & notes. Cheers from Jan & Garry... read more
2. Conglomerate
3. Dihydrogen Monoxide
4. Dead End

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Ayers Rock October 18th 2011

Our first Outback adventure took us to Uluru /Kata Tjuta National Park in the Northern Territory of Australia. The Ayers Rock Resort is only a 20 min. drive from Uluru/Ayers Rock and 45 min. from Kata Tjuta/The Olgas. This Blog entry covers the first two days where we explored Uluru and completed the 10.6km walk around it. The most fascinating part of this circumnavigation was the continual changes in character of both the vegetation around, and the appearance of, Uluru. I hope these shots reflect that. Cheers from Jan & Garry The panorama above was taken from the north east, showing a longer and more streamlined side of Uluru than the tourist carpark view from the north west. If your eyes are good you can just make out the tiny profile of The Olgas at the ... read more
2 Mala Walk - Climbers
3 Uluru Iki
4 Mala Walk

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Ayers Rock September 24th 2011

Deel 9: zat. 24 sept. Op tijd wakker, maar wat waait de tent heen en weer. Slecht teken. Dat wordt weer geen klim op Ayer’s Rock! 2 Jr geleden stond er ook te veel wind. Tijdens het ontbijt wederom het plan bijgesteld en ook nog eens een uur met 3 Amerikanen gekletst. Geen Ayer’s Rock vandaag, maar wandelen bij Kata Tjuru, ook wel the Olga’s, genaamd. Er is daar een mooie wandeling van 3 uurtjes, Valley of the Winds. Het was wat bewolkt, temp. onder de 30 C en nogmaals, veel wind. Door het geklets zouden we wel midden op de dag gaan wandelen, niet zo slim. Gokje wagen. Vanuit het standpunt, dat sommige ezels zich wel 3 x aan dezelfde steen stoten, gingen we op pad. En het was heerlijk en prachtig. Niet te heet, ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Ayers Rock September 23rd 2011

Deel 8: vrijd. 23 sept. Het wordt echt steeds gekker. We werden uit onszelf om 6.15 uur wakker! Met ander woorden, we zijn helemaal in Australisch tijdschema. King’s Canyon Resort staat bekend om zijn dingo’s, maar we hebben niets gehoord en niets gezien. Het valt ons op, dat we ook weinig ander wild zien. We hebben een paar wilde paarden gezien op de Mereenie loop, maar ook nog geen kamelen. Ja, vandaag 2 dode langs de weg. We hoorden hier op de camping, dat degene die ze aangereden had als traumapatiënt overgevlogen was in zeer slechte conditie naar het Alice Springs Hospital. Lijkt me niet zo vreemd dat voor te stellen. We rijden al van af Katherine tussen veel bosbranden door.Soms rijden we letterlijk tussen het vuur door en moeten snel doorrijden om te zorgen, dat ... read more

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