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March 9th 2017
Published: March 10th 2017
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Wednesday March 8, 2017

Getting up to go and see the sun rise, is quite a sacrifice, but, as it turned out was really worthwhile, and this taking into consideation that we did not get a full sunrise. Clouds covered a real complete sunrise, so what we saw was the reflection of the sun on the clouds with sparce rays really shining through. Gives a real nice effect nevertheless and lights up the Kata Tjuta (KT) rock formation in a continuous different colour.

The KT formation is one of the two major attractions here. Whereas Uluru is a monolithic (one rock), KT is a series of rocks. Where from a distance it looks like a single stone formation, coming up close you see that it is consists of many stones and sand glued together under enormous pressure. Time and erosion has taken its toll and holes have been formed in the sides of the structures. KT, is more than 500m high and standing next to it it makes you feel really insignificant.

After the sunrise we set out for a walk through the KT formation using an uneven, but walkable path of some 1,5 km each way. Beautiful scenery.

Breakfast was served picknick style in a dedicated area, simple, but nice.

Our group consisted of six people, which was probably a blessing taking into account the walk. Much easier with 6 than with 20.

Our guide was Belgian and enjoyed talking in Dutch a bit. Had been a bush ranger in South Africa and worked now here as tour guide.

The excursion of some 6 hours left us tired and we retired for the remainder of the day walking the resort area and finishing off the day in style in a the restaurant of a nearby hotel. Here I probably should explain that the setting here is a resort surrounded by savanna/ dessert type vegetation, as said in a previous note, in the middle of nowhere. There is also a "town square" with 2 restaurants, hotels also have restaurants, there are shops, a supermarket, a bank and a postoffice. The nearest town is Alice Spings, some 5 hours by car, Sydney is 4 hours by plane.

The resort consists of 3 different hotels of different categories, 4 and 5 stars, each one cabaƱa style, all connected and related. Shuttles take you from one place to another, although the distances are walkable. Our room is big and very comfortable,and a large terrace. A great choice.

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