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April 4th 2012
Published: May 12th 2012
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It was an early wake up call, especially because we were up much later than usual at our dinner. Watching the sunrise over Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) is an inspiring experience. Watching the changing of colors of Uluru was a breathtaking experience. The sunset and sunrise tours are a true must. We were both so exited to experience the Outback.

“The colour changes result from the effects of the earth's atmosphere on the sun's incoming rays. The ash, dust particles and water vapor present in the earth's atmosphere act as a filter which can remove the bluer light from the incoming rays of the sun, allowing the redder light through at different times of day. Reflections from the rock and clouds in the sky enhance the vivid colours.”

We also had the opportunity to walk through The Olgas and there were millions of flys on the walk with us as well. It seems like everyone had netting attached to their hats that draped down their faces to avoid bugs in your mouth and the annoyance of them so close to your face, except for us. We dealt with the bugs by waving our hats across our faces, not the most efficient but effective nonetheless. The hike was over before the sun began to beat down on us and the flies completely took over. With one more shower in our odd hotel room, we packed and headed to our hotel room after our short 24 hr stay at Ayers Rock.

After another flight, we landed in our final destination, Sydney.

After checking into our hotel, another Vibe, and a bit of relaxing we explored the area our hotel was in. Because all of our hotels were pre-booked by our tour group, it was our surprise to find out that it was located in The Red Light District. The Red Light District was filled mostly with prostitutes, titty bars , strip joints, and sex shops. The streets of Sydney were heavily patrolled by police and this part of the city was still clean and very safe.

Australian Word of the Day: G-Day=hello

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