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September 28th 2014
Published: October 11th 2014
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Sunset from Anzac HillSunset from Anzac HillSunset from Anzac Hill

This outcrop of rocks was on the North Eastern side of Anzac Hill Lookout. It caught the gold of the sunset just as I arrived (yesterday).
We decided not to move on today as Barry is feeling a bit tired after the long drive yesterday. This gives me a chance to do more of the blog and for us just to relax.

We did have an outing, though, to the Alice Springs Sunday Market in Todd Mall. We found parking not too far away along the Todd River and walked into the Mall in the middle. It wasn’t a large market but there were quite a few stalls spread along both sides. They included the usual food outlets, photographers selling their prints; crafts; Aboriginal paintings, some nice jewellery (no I didn’t buy any) and some home-made lollies and cakes. I treated Barry to a horrible greasy Kransky sausage in a roll (he loves them – they turn my stomach) and bought us some fudge and some fruit bars. I replaced the honey tub I had given away with an equally delicious, dark strong flavoured local honey from Ti-Trees and Bloodwood Trees. It was great but cost me $25 – and I gave the other one away a day too early before we changed our minds about going into Western Australia this year.

I was tempted
Music from Gas BottlesMusic from Gas BottlesMusic from Gas Bottles

This lady, Omjaan, seen at the Alice Springs Market, was playing her Cosmic Tone Drum. She had taken the top and bottom of gas bottles, joined them and created hollows for different notes on the top. She hit them with soft drum sticks and created a wonderful, rich sound in a gentle and peaceful melody.
by two paintings: one a tiny scene of the outback rock formations; the other a more contemporary style of Aboriginal painting in oil on canvass showing colourful depictions of some of the food they eat, like the Honey Pot Ants and the witchetty grubs. We really don’t have anywhere for them so I just enjoyed the work and moved on.

There was a man sitting at an electronic keyboard playing contemporary music well. He had a sign asking for donations as he wanted to go back to Adelaide for some job opportunities, as he’d been unable to find any work recently up here, but needed fuel money. We sat and listened to him while Barry ate his horrible sausage. When he had a coffee break we got chatting and he gave us a few hints for where to buy our fuel and where the cheapest accommodation/ caravan parks are at Uluru, which was very useful.

Then, as we were nearly back to our entrance for the car park, we stopped to see a woman, named Omjaan, playing an unusual instrument. It sounded a bit like the Hawaiian tin drum but much more melodious and rich. She called it
G'Day Mate Caravan Park ViewG'Day Mate Caravan Park ViewG'Day Mate Caravan Park View

This is the view from our site across the end of the East Macdonnell Ranges, with lots of trees from where we can often hear Tawny Frogmouths calling at night.
her Cosmic Tone Drum and explained that it was made from the top and bottom of expired gas bottle joined together and some depressions in the top made in the metal to allow some lovely sounds to be produced. I looked her up later and found out that she is a wandering entertainer, moving through small outback communities. If you like different sounds, check her out on her website ( and on the ABC interview on Youtube (Om jaan at Upfront Club).

That was the end of the market so we went back home to prepare for departure tomorrow.

The Magpie Lark seems to have a female now and has finally stopped attacking the windows –about time!!

Additional photos below
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White-plumed HoneyeatersWhite-plumed Honeyeaters
White-plumed Honeyeaters

They decided the ute mirrors and windows looked tasty and made good perches.

15th October 2014
Music from Gas Bottles

Ah this is the lady you sent me a video of! Great photo. :D
20th October 2014
Music from Gas Bottles

Wonderful Musician
Yes that's her. She sounded lovely on her instrument. Who knew old gas bottles could sound so good?
15th October 2014
White-plumed Honeyeaters

They're lovely!
20th October 2014
White-plumed Honeyeaters

Cheeky Birds
Cheeky, too! We've seen them in a few places since then.

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