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February 7th 2009
Published: February 8th 2009
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drive in the all day sun, so the saying goes! The road trip so far................ as we said in the last blog, due to the warmish weather, topping 45.7 degrees, sightseeing around Adelaide was reduced to the campsite pool and shopping for trip necessities. Sleeping in the tent for those few degrees lower rather than sleeping in Pris, the slightly less than hot breeze that flowed every hour or s... Read Full Entry

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Head in the cloudsHead in the clouds
Head in the clouds

Rainbow Valley
They're behind youThey're behind you
They're behind you

And beside you And in front of you In fact they're @&$% everywhere! Rainbow Valley

8th February 2009

Happy New Year!
Ello mate and happy new year to you both. Not been on the blog for a while so I had quite a lot to catch up on, but it looks like you are still having a fantastic time and your route across Oz looks very enviable (I hope you haven't yet run out of quotes from 'Dumb and Dumber' - I have images of you driving along in 'Pris', pumping your arms back and forth, saying "By doing this, it feels like you are running at a tremendous speed!!!" as per our surf trip to Cornwall in the XR2 many years ago. As you know, Tansy safely delivered Harry Michael into the world on 15th Jan, both are doing well and Rosie is loving being a big sister, although the novelty has now worn off (on the way into Southend last week she asked "Why we pay Harry more attention than her...."). Not sure you have access to Facebook, but I've posted some piccies on there if you fancy a look. Anyway, off now to have my stew and dumplings and to start a petition to get you to remove Elton John's wig from your chin...... Have a good one, take care and may the force be with you..... The Cooks
8th February 2009

You should have popped into see the many Bargerys that live there! Hope that you're both well and not suffering too much in the heat- still you could be here in the snow- it's been bloody cold!!!! Take care love Paul and Leann xx
10th February 2009

Hi Guys, great to hear that you are okay, seems strange that while we are battling with the snow and cold you are struggling with the heat. Not much to report from here.
14th February 2009

Are you sure this is fun?
Hello Darlings, when the locals tell you that people die out there should you not take note and go the other way. what's with all these flies and spiders; you are frightened of them or are you playing the brave man for Kirstin? I wish I could exchange a piece of our morning frost for a bit of your sun. it seems rather funny to be reading your blog and very soon now I may be apearing on it. I'll be the one not "still smilling" if thoes flies are still about. Love you both - Stay safe Mum
21st January 2010

Blog of the year 2009 for the Oceania/photography category.
Check this out. :)
10th November 2010
Goodnight World

nice one
I love yellow :) lovely photo ...

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