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Crocodiles are a very big drawcard in the NT. None more so than the famous Jumping Crocodiles tour on the Adelaide River (on the way to Kakadu). There are imitations folks, so be aware. Don't bother getting off the highway looking for "the original" or "the best". The original Jumping Crocs tour is right on the highway next to the bridge that crosses the Adelaide River. After a brief stop at "Window on the Wetlands", (an aboriginal themed interpretation centre that provides info on the history, and wildlife of the area), we headed to the Jumping Crocs tour, making sure that we arrived just before 1pm. The 1pm tour uses the larger "Adelaide River Queen", a two storey boat which allows you to photograph the jumping crocs easier. After feeding the crocs, we head up a ... read more
Did you say dinner was ready?
Just give me that little kid over there
Agro and girlfriend

We had enjoyed Mataranka and Bitter Springs so much that it seemed only natural that we should pick Douglas Hot Springs to go to when heading north to Darwin. But first we needed some fuel for the bus. The rodeo trucks seemed to have taken much of Katherines supply of diesel but we eventually got filled and headed up the highway. It's not a direct route to Douglas Hot Springs and the last 7 or 8 kilometres are dirt but not too bad. We arrived at lunchtime and immediately went to check out the creek. It's only shallow (mostly) with very hot springs coming in from one branch and that mixes with water at a normal temperature from another branch. The idea is that you get in where the two branches meet and then see how ... read more
Camp site at Douglas Hot Springs
Whistling Kite

Sunday, 27th July 2014 "Most of the sites we visited were remarkable on their own. Together, they brought back great memories of this road trip since military and railway histories works well for me...." Military and Railway histories abound as we set off early this morning on our road trip into the Australian Outback. Today was our final day in Australia and today we would be spending some 700km on the road from Darwin to Katherine and from dawn to dusk. We made a couple of brief stops within the city limits to visit the George Brown Botanic Gardens, the East Point Military Precinct and the Australian Aviation Heritage Centre before continuing along National Highway # 1. The Eva's Botanical Gardens Café was a pleasant surprise as it served wholesome cuppas within a historical building. Se ... read more
But first, a cuppa @ Eva's Cafe, George Brown Botanic Gardens
At the Darwin Military Museum
Along the East Point Military Precinct

Having woken up feeling a little under the weather we took advantage of our empty dormitory and had a lay in ahead of our trip booked for the afternoon. Soon it was lunch time so we got ourselves organised and headed into town to buy some cheap sacrificial clothes for Sundays fishing trip. With some bargains bagged it was time to head to the transit centre for pick up. Fortunately there were only 4 of us booked in for the Crocodile Express today so Ron our driver picked us up in the company 4x4. Pointing out local sights such as the Humptydo Hotel the journey soon passed by and we headed out to some wetlands where there was a huge array of wildlife Ron told us the road which we were driving along was actually a ... read more
Birds in the marshland
Will ready for a crocing good time!
Croc news

Today we were going croc spotting on the Adelaide river! It was about an hour or so away from Darwin, and we left just before 10am. There are lots of places here with weird names, and it didn't change as we drove through Humpty Doo (home of the world-famous  humpty  tavern apparently- no I've never heard of it either) a bit of off roading to get down to the river, the car was covered in that signature red dust of the northern territory. When we got to the croc place, whilst waiting to get on the boat, we sat and read a folder that was crammed full of articles from the NT Times to do with Crocodile attacks and / or sightings, let me tell you, there were a lot!    Within minutes of boarding ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Adelaide River April 15th 2010

Blink and you’ve missed it! That’s how I feel about the last month. Since my last blog we have managed to rack up over 7000kms and spend 4 times more than our budget allowed but we’ve had the most amazing time! We came the long way around but the Top End of Australia was our main reason for doing this trip and it certainly did not disappoint! Leaving the beautiful Ningaloo Reef behind, we made our way into unfamiliar territory having never been this far north in the west before. To be quite honest, the start of this leg was very boring and uneventful. Apart from there being a few more trees along the highway and it becoming slightly more green the further north you go, there certainly isn’t a lot to see up here until ... read more
"Jarrow Flats"
Northwest Gas Shelf Project
Dampier Salt

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