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Oceania » Australia » Norfolk Island » Kingston May 3rd 2018

Just as well we had come for a relaxing holiday as, next morning, we were up at 5am for our 3.5km “bushwalk” which was really a hike, whichever way you wanted to look at it! :) Larry Quintal was our guide – 6th generation “Bounty” mutineer descendant. With tongue-in-cheek and a twinkle in his eye, he said, “you Australians are descendants of convicts but, there is no convict blood in Norfolk Islanders, as they never caught them (the mutineers). He said, “we only stole ships!” :) We had two groups on our morning tour – those of us who were going to do the whole morning bushwalk, a walk of about 3.5 kms through the National Park (that wasn’t here when we were here last – like a lot of other things. :)) and then those ... read more
Norfolk Is Terminal - 1969
Norfolk Is Terminal - 2016
Fairy Tern

Oceania » Australia » Norfolk Island » Kingston March 8th 2008

Hi All! Well today was just wonderful with a very over cast day, it seemed cooler even though I doubt it is. The day started with a 7 am swim at Emily Bay again, last day today for Rhonda she was off on the 2 o’clock plane today. Even MrC came and even though he said it was cold I know he enjoyed it. Also the last day for us too as we will be on a plane at 8 am tomorrow. After breakfast we started out with only two things in mind….one to go back and look in all the shops that we hadn’t been in, and two was to go and look over the Cemetery. We went into all the shops that took our fancy and yes I bought some stuff to bring home… ... read more
Whaler Boat.
Old Kingston.

Oceania » Australia » Norfolk Island » Kingston March 6th 2008

Hello Everyone! Julia and Mark are you home yet? I left MrC in bed again this morning while going off with Rhonda for our 7am swim, Rhonda was right this time and we had the beach to ourselves, and only shared it with a lovely local lady called Dot. As we didn’t have to be anywhere until 11 am MrC and I had a leisurely breakfast on our balcony watching the black chooks that run around here free range. At 11 am we went off to the best day so far, a group of novas actors get together and re-enact the day the first fleeters arrived here on the island in 1780’s. The whole thing was absolutely done wonderfully …see photos, and the whole group cheered as they read out our two names Nathanial Lucas and ... read more
Ruffies Boat.
On the red carpet.
Convict settlement.

Oceania » Australia » Norfolk Island » Kingston March 4th 2008

Afternoon All! Had a great sleep, must be the salt air, (had nothing to do from all the travelling I am sure! Heehee) - both of us woke fresh and ready to go. MrC caught up with his washing, while I cooked breakfast etc. MrC came back from the washing room, saying he was enjoying talking to the people with us down in the units near there, he said Oh it was really nice to talk to them.. and I say…I told you so, and he says… don’t keep going on about it…I just laugh because I knew he would love it all. All it took was getting him here! We had to turn up at 8.30 am this morning at Pinetop Tours, and off we went all around the island looking at the older settlement ... read more
Emily Bay
Phillip Island

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