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August 26th 2016
Published: August 26th 2016
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Travelling is...

°endless public transport to see friends - even if you're only seeing them for one or two hours for a catch up. Where I am living in Sydney, it takes on average two hours to get to the city and then two hours back home!

°sleeping on public transport to catch up on sleep you lost seeing said friends the night before.

°carrying food around in a rucksack to save as many pennies as possible for the next adventure.

°letting people into your life after you've known them half a day. Oh you also have a dog back home? Well let me tell you all about mine and his crazy ways!

°falling in love with a place, it could be a certain moment that you would always go back to with the same person, or a place you instantly have a connection to!

°falling for someone who knows most of your life and secrets, then the next day; you're in a different state wishing they were with you.

°not going along with fashion as the more comfortable you are, the better. I wear my sneakers with everything! I wore my black steel toe capped boots on nights out. Who cares!

°wearing the same clothes every day. Jean pants take too long to dry!

°wearing undies inside out when you run out of clean ones...

°a lot of money spent on data, just so you can use google maps!

°being lost in a new place and having to talk to locals to find the right way/bus/train.

°using your contacts to get a free swimming session or a discount in a shop or restaurant!

°being stingey with money, cheap food, no alcohol, would rather walk just to save a few dollars!

°making friends in hostels, shops, walking tours.

°making friends in hostels so that you can share food and cook together to save buying heaps of food.

And we do it all because we are so in love with the country we are in, everything is worth it!


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