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August 25th 2014
Published: September 7th 2014
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I was going to write a few weeks ago about my first month in Australia, but now that its been a little, (or a lot) over a month, I dont think Im gonna do that any more. Ill just give ya the run down. My first month in Australia was amazing! I finally made it to Sydney, have meet so many incredible people, and experienced new things. It has been raining for the past 3-4 weeks now (not like drizzling or misting, raining here is like the entire ocean got lifted up into the sky and dropped on us. When it rains, it pours) so we havent been able to do a lot of adventuring, but I did go rock climbing and to a strip club, so thats kinda cool! Now that I have been here for a while I am getting more comfortable with being so far from home, which is nice because it was difficult adjusting at first. Now I am used to taking the bus or walking 20 minutes to get to Uni (campus), and the time change doesnt affect my sleeping any more (the birds wake me up every morning though). We are getting deeper into school and my assignments are really piling up. But most importantly we are beginning to plan trips to see other areas of Australia and I could not be more excited!

Quick story time: So, for those of you who do not know, I live in a dorm that has a bar right next to it called the Tennis Club (or Tcs as we Weeronians call it). To get from my dorm to TCs you have to walk either around or through the tennis courts. (Also, just so people dont get upset, I am legally allowed to drink alcohol here. The drinking age is 18. HOLLAAAA!!!) One night, my two girl friends and I went to TCs for a wine and dine kinda night. We were there for a few hours before our other friends showed up. But when they did, the party really began. We were not planning on going to a club or out any where after our wine night, but the boys had another plan for us. After a few more drinkings and a couple hours of socializing, we decide to leave TCs. We girls wanted to go back to the dorms but the guys wanted us to go out to a club with them. Meanwhile, the weather had really picked up and it was now pouring rain and there were puddles surrounding the tennis courts. We all left TCs and started running through the rain. When we got to the back part of the tennis courts there was basically a lake about shin height that we had to maneuver through. We grabbed onto the fence and shimmied our way around the puddle to a little slice of land. We all managed to jump from the fence to the land easily. Except for Niki. She some how managed to get on top of a bench and then jump to the little sliver of land. And then she fell. Her entire body landed in this shin deep puddle of rain water. By this point everyone else expcept Niki and Lance had made it to the bus stop and were waiting for them to make it over. Niki really did not want to go out now that her entire outfit was soaking wet, so she began running back to Weerona. But Lance was not going to let that happen. Out of the dark and the rain we see Lance basically coralling Niki across the field to the bus stop while Niki yells, "NO! I dont wanna go!" (laughing of course). But Lance just keeps pulling her along until they get to us and we all start running to the club. The club we were headed to is one that none of us had been to before, but wanted to try out. When we got there we found out it was $10 to get in, so Lance, Niki and I walked to Dominos instead where we were given five free garlic breads.

It might not sound as funny to you guys, but honestly it was the most funny thing I have ever seen watching Lance pull Niki across a field in the pouring rain!

Any way, on to my trips!

Our first trip out of Wollongong is this weekend! My girl friends, Niki and Aliska, and I are taking a plane to Melbourne where we will stay with Nikis friend in her dorm at Victoria University! There we are planing on renting a car (as scary as that sounds it is true), and driving the beautiful Great Ocean Road! Along with this road trip, we will explore the city and see a side of Australia every one raves about!

Next, my adventure buddy Lance (aka Tarzan) and I are planning a weekend trip to Brisbane. Why Brisbane? Because 45 minutes north of Brisbane is THE AUSTRALIA ZOO! Any one who knows me well enough knows my obsession with Steve Irwin. So obviously going to the Australia zoo is number one on my list of things to do while I am down here.

The week after we go to the Australia Zoo, we have a ten day break from school! SPRING BREAK! I am beyond excited for our spring break trip! Mostly because we have ten days off from school, but also because we are going to the Great Barrier Reef!!!!!! Another thing checked off my bucket list! Along with the Great Barrier Reef we are going camping in the Daintree rainforest and canoeing through the rainforest. This is going to be the trip of a life time.

Finally, the most adventurous trip of them all is our dead week trip. The week before exam week we have no school, so Lance and I and our friend Ankita are flying to the South Island of New Zealand where we will be taking a road trip around the entire island. There we are planning on bungee jumping, seeing a glow worm cave, and camping! A lot, and a lot of camping.

These days my life revolves around planning trips and uni work. Im sorry I havent been updating yall about everything but there really isnt any thing to be updated on 😊 Ill be sure to post pictures and write blogs after all of my trips though!

Miss you all!



7th September 2014

So awesome Allie! I am excited to hear you are in Australia-I have always wanted to go! keep us posted on the adventures. ENJOY! Lots of love!

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