Will pom poms work on the plane?

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August 27th 2005
Published: August 27th 2005
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Today we went to an A.C. Moore craft store to buy 'stuff' that we all hope will entertain A for the 15 hour flight. My theory is a new 'toy' every 30 minutes when A is not sleeping. Notice I italicized stuff and toy, that's because they aren't real toys. Rather I spent $35 on popsicle sticks, wooden doorknobs, pipe cleaners, mardigras beads, a silk scarf, plastic flowers, plastic nosegay, plastic animals, stickers, and a huge huge mega bag of primary colored pom poms. About 50 of them. Oh, and sewng thread. A likes threads so I figured I could tie the thread to the wooden door knobs.

Who think those objects will make the flight to Australia from Boston bearable!?!?

My money is on the pom poms. But if they don't work they will be at least memorable and probably mostly because everyone on the flight will at one point or another get one of their very own as they are flung, rolled, and hurled about the plane by our one year old.

In other news our family of three now owns 4 human sized suitcases.

Oh and we have an apartment! Our new address is about one block off Bondi beach. We looked at our new apartment on the google-earth feature and it looks very fabulous from 20,000 feet. Let's hope after a megaflight it looks as fabulous in person.

We'll let you know this time next week.


31st August 2005

long haul flights with wee ones
hey es - play dough was a life saver for us on our 3 flights from NY to Christchurch, NZ - they sell them in fabulous colors now (silver and hot pink even!) and in a "party favor size". We put 3 in E's bag at a time and when they got gross and he was asleep we secretly replaced them from my bag. When he woke up it was so exciting to see what new colors would be there. As long as A is not still istantly putting everything in her mouth, you might try it. Oh, also, he loved his little travel size "doodle pro" - you remember, magnetic drawing? Anyways...good luck.

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