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May 10th 2008
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Soooo guys, I am now in Sydney and the sun is shining!!!! :D

I am staying with a friend of my Auntie H's for a couple of nights and then heading into the city centre for a week or so! Looking forward to lotts of extravagant experiences like climing the bridge!! :D Also Amy (Harry's friend) has given me loads of vouchers that are either buy one get one free or a certain percentage off something!! The perfect gift for a backpacker!!! She has a beautiful baby daughter called Gracie who is 9 weeks old!! SAhe is such a smiley baby and sooooo cute!!! Amy's partner is really nice too....good sense of humour!! 😊 We're having a BBQ tonight too! wheeee

My last couple of days in Melbourne were amazing!! The cheese and wine night was a great success, and I met loads of really cool people! On Thursday night on eof the girls I met at the hostel invited me and this other guy to come to dinner for free at the restaurant where she works!! This was lushious as it was really posh, so to go there for free was really rather special :P

I visited the Botanical Gardens which were really pretty and very natural....not totally pristine and manicured, they kind of had a rustic and wild feel about them...perfect for all of the wildlife!! It wasn't a great day weatherwise when I was there so there weren't that many people about, however on a good day I can imagine it would be full of life and a great place to lay back and relax, basking in the hot sun!!

Yesterday I had an ickle wander around, walked through the Crown Casino which was exciting (managed to curb my urge to have a wee gamble though!!hehe) It's very plush and would be a fab place to go for a night out (could end up being an expensive night though :P mwahaha)

Bought Bobbi some Abercrombie and Fitch tops (4 for $80...that's 40 squid!!!) Nice bargain methinks :P

Anyways I am now in the lovely Sydney, recovering from a 12 hour coach journey!!! Amy's house is sooooooo nice...they have a pool and it's all open plan and very nicely finished!! Nice to have some luxury before I head back to the hostel life again!! I think I may decide to do the Oz experience rather than Greyhound after all, as I have been advised it is more sociable, and having travelled on the Greyhound from Melbourne to Sydney I can see that is probably true....just need to do some sums!!haha

Please leave me some messages on here as I havn't heard from anyone in a while now...miss you all!!!

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