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November 17th 2004
Published: November 17th 2004
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Ran into Nurul Islam in Sydney and had the following conversation.

"What about P1?"

"Nurul.. I don't work at PlusNet anymore you tiny bald prick"

So I know your all "gagging" to know how i'm getting on, and I've added my pictures for the past month :

Fraser Island where I went on the camping trip as previously posted.

Sailing Trip as descibed.

An area in rainbow beach which has a big sand blow. Basically a massive sand hill that goes up from the beach. Look!, its better than it sounds.

I actually can't really remember where I took these. Mountains

Some mountains, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves! About two hours West of Sydney.

Sydney. Great place.. smaller than you would think. Very attractive girls. All the things any decent city has : great entertainment and shopping, the harbour bridge is an amazing site, bondi is a pretty decent inner city beach.
The whole place is very clean and tidy.. the transport is very good. The opera house was much drabber inside than I thought. Went to see a band called the Avalanches which I have been a fan of for some time.. was superb!

So I'm doing pretty great. Going to New Zealand tomorrow.. Staying in christchurch for about a month probably.. want to lose some bleedin weight. All the beer Ive been drinking has enlarged my gut substancially (the women still love me though as always.. "shaaaam mo") so I intend to learn to surf and do lots of mountain biking, which NZ is particularly good for both.

One thing I always love about cities is the crackheads and the crazies! - never fails to amuse me. I wanted to take a video of a guy in the park in sydney so I positioned myself behind a bush.. then realised he might actually kill me if he spotted me.. so I bottled it. He was telling the birds (animals not women) that they were "out of order as usual".. using a number of profanities.. most amusing.

Screaming people seem to be one of Sydneys specialities.

If you want to replicate back home.. grow a beard.. roll around in the muck in some woods, go to town, run around in random directions and scream every 10 meters or so.. everyone's doing it!

Anyway.. hope your well.. I'd like to hear how your all getting on (yes that means send me an email "so called friends") ... and I'm setting up a credit card donation website currently if your feeling that bit extra generous... just in time for my birthday on the 5th of Jan.

I've been lead to believe that my Digiridoo has landed at PlusNet Towers. Thanks Pete Jackson and Lee Willis for stumping up the 22 quid to recieve the goods. You will be repayed firstly in life, and then later in money on my hailed return to the uk. A huge foobar on my part not marking it as a gift and therefore avoiding charges.

Take care all.

Captain Brown (3 purple hearts and a hot karl)


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