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December 10th 2006
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Krystal and EnricoKrystal and EnricoKrystal and Enrico

Getting in the festive spirit
Greetings from Sydney
im sure you have all been eagerly awaiting the latest update on the aussie adventure and as usual i have been incredibly lazy in dragging myself down to the internet cafe to deliver the latest report. but here i am on a beautiful sunday afternoon in 35 degree heat ready to thrill one and all, or at least let you know how Gary and i are perilously close to being shown the door from our current employment.
In my last entry all was rosy and i was contemplating a future career in the heady world of financial planning with my belief in my own ability to sell insurance to gullible Aussies at an all time high. Both Gaz and myself are now being exposed to the ruthlessness of the corporate sales environment and as a result our sales figures have dropped and the pressure is well and truly on. Basically when you sell nothing they send in their sales coach to l;isten to you on the phone, which is about as awkward as it gets. after they listen to you they give you a short motivational speech that i swear to god must have been written by David
sombrero timesombrero timesombrero time

you know i look good
Brent, let me give you the short version

1. "you have to visualise the sale, for if you lose the vision then you lose the belief and after that you've got no chance"
2. "positivity plus enthusiasm times confidence equals results"

and best of all was his final words and i kid you not this is exactly what he said "selling is 80% skill, 20% luck and 10% persistance and thats all we ask for you to give 110%"

Honestly i swear to god i would have got more helpful advice talking to a cheese sandwich. It has to be said that my poor performance at work is also down to the fact that all the Aussies in the office have been relentless in their pommie bashing about the cricket, and i swear to god if i hear one more chorus of "ozzie, ozzie, ozzie, oy,oy,oy" i will not be held accountable for my actions. Tomorrow morning i know for a fact that Gary and i will both recieve a written letter confirming thast we didn't meet our sales targets last week and that if we dont meet our set sales target this week then action may

the hat says it all
be taken. A great way to start the week ithink you'll agree.
But anyway sod work because after all its just a means to rase funds for the adventures i plan to embark after Christmas. as you can see from the photos our flat is now superbly decorated and full of the festive spirit. it still feels weird to be celebrating Xmas in Australia all of us in the flat are doing our bit to make sure we have everything just like home
In terms of other major news it has been fairly quiet with work through the week and the weekends spent drinking and partying our way round Sydney. our flat has quickly become a spot where one and all can gather, to the extent that for the last three nights we have had different people sleeping on our sofa each time. God knows what Christmas will be like.
Hope everything is well back in England and you all well into the festive spirit be it gin, vodka or whatever.
Enjoy the photos and speak to you all soon

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no one actually knows where the hats came from
wot an idiotwot an idiot
wot an idiot

Gary actually liked this hat, nuff said

attempting to look cool, failing
Human flyHuman fly
Human fly

God only knows what he was thinking
an actual beachan actual beach
an actual beach

the one time we actually got out of Sydney
the thinkerthe thinker
the thinker

Sally after half a dozen vodkas
after a hard days workafter a hard days work
after a hard days work

the two on the right are lesbians, thought you might want to know that
Krystal, oh dearKrystal, oh dear
Krystal, oh dear

the lass from Birmingham, crazy girl
wot a treewot a tree
wot a tree

my vision and the camera were blurred at the time
Leah, Marshall and SalLeah, Marshall and Sal
Leah, Marshall and Sal

whip out a camera and everyones a poser
night night Italiannight night Italian
night night Italian

the poor fella had too much festive spirit

11th December 2006

Yeah must be gutting being in OZ for this, i get quite a bit of sympathy off the kiwis, everyone hates them ozzy gits. Why oh why didnt you kill Geraint Jnes when you met him. Basically, i blamming you two. TTFN
16th December 2006

Spurs suck donkey phallus
Word lanky man.....Is it just me, or was it the can of beer in Tesco's hand that caused the mental breakdown and dramatic exit?? They tried to make me go to rehab, but i say no-no-no! the crickets shite, but when big Jamie's scoring in the prem, all is good here!.....Ps. have you got ashes tickets?

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