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March 17th 2010
Published: June 26th 2012
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Ahh such a peaceful night’s sleep… that was until the phone went of next door at 7, then their door bell went, and then their alarm went of continuously for the next 45 minutes. Turns out that Mr and Mrs G had gone out for a run and had forgotten to turn off their alarm. No worries, it worked, it woke me up at least. If the phone, the door bell and the alarm had not of gone off I think for the first time in ages I would have been woken by my alarm. I normally wake up a minute before my alarm goes off which always deprives me of that extra minute of sleep. I hear you say ‘surely that one extra minute sleep doesn’t make much difference?’ Well call me strange, but I like the feeling of sleeping soundly all night and being woken by my gentle alarm of The Clog Dance. It makes me feel that I have a fulfilled night of sleep. I haven’t had many of them since finishing at Norland, I think all the school work tired my brain out which doesn’t happen when I work with children. Oh don’t get me wrong, after
rather uncomfortablerather uncomfortablerather uncomfortable

I think I will stick with a bike that has 2 wheels of the same size.
a 12hr day of looking after children I am physically exhausted, but mentally not so much.

Moving on, today was just the 3 of us again, this time it was an outing to the Powerhouse Museum otherwise known as a science museum! Ooooo. Being in an energetic mode and after a look at the map we decided to walk there because it did not seem that further out than Darling Harbour. WRONG. It was almost 3 miles. Oh well. I got slightly concerned when the area we were walking into became more and more seedy looking; there was no need for concern as we found it with no wrong turns. Good job F! His map reading skills come in handy once more.

The Powerhouse Museum is in a converted electric tram station, and well it was just like most science museums. It covers a variety of subjects including decorative arts, science, communication, transport, costume, furniture, media, and space among other things.

We did not do everything in the museum that would have been an overload for everybody. I believe museums should be done in stages (if you get the chance to) rather than all at once, I think that is a mistake that many people do when they take young children to a museum, especially when a large part of it is based on science. I like to break it down, have glance at lots of things, but only really focus on just a few sections. And that is just what we did, we broke it down. F didn’t really stay with us; well he stayed in the same exhibit as us, but went to the parts that interested him, rather than the parts that would interest a 5 year old.

We had a brief walk through the steam engines and transportation exhibits stopping every once in a while to talk about what we were looking at such as a penny-farthing bicycle and what it would have been like to ride it. We came to the conclusion that it would be very uncomfortable, the horse drawn carriage on the other hand caught HB’s eye. I think she would have liked to have ridden in one of those. F during this had been looking at the space exhibit, and came running up to us and told us to come and look at what he had found. It was a zero weight simulator, joy. Basically you stand on this platform while the rest of the capsule moved around you. I let F and HB try that out, it was too much for me I am not a fan of things that spin around me. HB was intrigued about space travel and had lots of interesting questions about it all. Like: ‘how do they go to the toilet?’ good question! Thankfully they had a space loo to show her.

We also took a look at the different Fashions that people wore during different periods. This was one of those let’s just glance through and tell each other which dress you would like to wear. As you could imagine, F decided to skip this one.

The basement was the place to be in this museum with some really great exhibits. They had Musical Instruments, Experimentations and EcoLogic. Again we just a glancing look through the musical instruments, but still taking some time to look at how some of the instruments had changed into the modern ones we play today. EcoLogic was an interactive display about how humans are impacting things such as water supplies. We took a little more time over this one as there were some important messages for HB to think over. We chatted about what sort of things we can do to help reduce our waste and help conserve water and energy. HB eventually came away with the ideas of not having a bath that was filled to the top, and turning off the lights and electrical items that are not being used. Well it was a starting block, and if she remembers it I am happy with that.

With all these questions and with all this new information it was time for a very much needed lunch break. The food was an exact replica of yesterdays only this time it was chicken nuggets rather than hot dogs. With our fuel tanks full it was time to head back in and tackle our final exhibit. This was the Experimentations section, a very hands on part of the museum and quite easily all our favourite part. I am sure every science museum has a section like this. It had displays about lights, prisms, energy, nuclear particles, and different senses. F’s favourite hands on experience was the chocolate machine that pumped out chocolate drops if you completed it. Let’s just say he spent rather a long time at that station and ended with a large handful of chocolate at the end of it. I rather enjoyed the experiment making fireworks, no you didn’t get to make a real firework, instead you picked the components and then the computer simulated what sort of firework you had created. Let’s just say I shouldn’t think about a career in making fireworks and leave it at that. The other highlight was this robot, you could either make it dance to different types of music or you try to beat it in a button pushing competition. The robot obviously beat us at that; I put it down to the fact that it has far more practice at it than we had.

That was a nice wrap to our day at the museum, Mrs G had wanted us to meet them at the Museum of Australia but we didn’t go in the end. One museum a day is enough for me, and certainly was for HB and F. We walked our way back to the hotel, I know gluttony for punishment springs to mind, HB was such a trooper and made it all the way back with no complaints about sore feet or tired legs. See she can walk big distances without being carried.

Once back at the hotel HB went into her parents room while Mr G and F went out to ride one of those speed boats in the harbour that gets everyone drenched. A bit later Mrs G and HB went out to join them for dinner, but not before I very wet and slightly blue looking F had come back to get changed. A surprise afternoon off – yay! So what did I do? Watched part of La fille mal gardee (a ballet) before they came back and I had to turn it off, I wrote in my diary for this ‘miracles of miracles my DVD worked’, just figured out that was because my DVD was a region 0 so will work anywhere, only took me 2 years to figure that out. Smart Anita, very smart.

Both children were highly excitable tonight, which made it very hard for them to go to bed. Good thing it wasn’t me putting them down for the night. I eventually took myself into the bathroom to write up the days adventures in my travel book so I didn’t get in the way of the constant questions that HB was using as a delaying tactic – she is a smart kid that one, I will give her that.


26th June 2012

In general
It it not for your last paragraph I would have said you have an astounding memory.
26th June 2012

Lol, even when I was writing at the time I still had my diaries to look back on. We have now made it into 3 of 4!
27th June 2012

Eco Logic
Glad to hear you're getting the eco message in at an early age :-)

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