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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » The Rocks April 12th 2017

10th/11th March Sydney Two days in this great city Although we have only been on since Auckland, there was a huge turnaround of passengers today (nearly half) Sydney is still a fabulous place sail into, although it was quite early today. There is something quite surreal about opening the curtains and having the Sydney Harbour Bridge as a backdrop. In the words of Basil Fawlty 'what were you expecting, herds of wildebeest crossing the Serengeti perhaps' A great city, the new developments are coming along, the Light railway should soon be up and running in George Street. So mainly a shopping expedition as the Sales were on and some bargains were to be had. Good to reacquaint ourselves with the Rocks and one of our favourite restaurants Wolfies on the waterfront. The Ocean Passenger Terminal is ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » The Rocks October 16th 2015

Spent the last 4 days in Sydney. The first day was pretty cloudy and rainy, so it wasn't great for site seeing. I walked down George St. (The equivalent of Yonge St.), walked through China Town which wasn't that impressive considering how many Asians there are here, saw the opera house and bridge but the clouds made them look very unspectacular, took a ferry to manly and walked around darling harbour. Day 2 I went to the blue mountains. I was feeling pretty sick and wanted to just sleep on the bus to be honest, but I pushed through, did a couple hikes and got some good pictures. After the blue mountain tour I met an Australian friend from swimming who took me for drinks at the opera bar. The view was certainly worth the $11 ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » The Rocks August 1st 2015

I actually traveled from New Zealand back to Australia before flying back to the States since all of my frequent flyer options were out of Sydney, but I've put this blog with my other Oz ones to keep everything organised. The airport train is a little more expensive than a shuttle, but it's fast and clean and avoids all the traffic. I stayed near Circular Quay (pronounced "key"), which is a prime location close to the ferries, the opera house, and bridge, at the YHA hostel that has a spectacular roof and not much else that is special. ... read more
View from YHA Sydney Harbour
Harbour bridge
Endeavour replica

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » The Rocks February 22nd 2015

Hi, just waiting for our plane back to Melbourne, so thought I would blog a bit more. After the bridge climb and a beer to get over it, we were given a free ticket to climb one of the pylons at the end of the bridge, so up 200 steps we go, thought this was a doddle compared to that bridge, but this was indoors. Anyhow we read all about the history of the pylons and about the bridge, basically they are there really for the decoration, the style is very Art Deco. Took some pictures at the very top, still made me feel giddy, that hasn't gone away. Stu really didn't like it, said he made the right decision not going up especially after reading the health and safety asking if you have any heart ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » The Rocks July 18th 2014

Hello! I have now been sat in sunny Lincolnshire for a week and a half but I am only just getting around to writing about my lovely holiday in Australia! So here goes.... The Friday was the last day at school and after vowing I was going home to pack, I actually went out for dinner and drinks with the girls. This was the last time I would see many of these people for a while (they are leaving Korea for good) so after stuffing our faces and having a few alcoholic beverages, things got emotional. I eventually left, after putting it off for a few hours, and went home to pack around 10pm. I finished around 2am and went to bed, then getting up at 4.20am to leave at 5.20am to catch the airport bus. ... read more
Melbourne City Centre or 'CBD'
Katharine getting excited about the croc!

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » The Rocks February 10th 2014

Monday 10th February, 2014. The Rocks, Sydney, NSW, Australia After breakfast we arranged to hook up with Will and Ash at Circular Quay. We met outside McD's and then strolled around to The Rocks. D had his tour guide hat on - which was great as neither Will nor Ash knew Sydney particularly well. First we took them to The Australian Pub where we had spent part of Australia Day. The Australian Hotel was originally located on George Street, next to where the Museum of Contemporary Art now stands. The Sydney Gazette announced that the Australian was open for business on 12th August 1824, making it the oldest continuously licensed pub in the City of Sydney. When the plague hit Sydney in 1900, many of the buildings were pulled down to prevent further outbreaks, including the ... read more
5. The Hero of Waterloo Pub
8. Hero Of Waterloo Pub Interior
10. The Garrison Church, The Rocks

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » The Rocks March 26th 2013

Out morning has been bittersweet - we really enjoy the culture and herring all the accents of the ppl here in Australia and New Zealand, but it has been a long trip and we are also excited to come home now too. That is usually the sign of a good trip in our minds! Since we has already explored so much of the city, Tuesday was a pretty low key day for us. We walked across the harbour bridge - walking up the bridge itself was $220 and 5hrs...decided to skip that this time. Now that we were in north Sydney, we found a path that ran along the harbour and just sat and watched the boats for a while - everything from a kayaker to the ferrys to fast jet boats to a huge slow-moving ... read more
View from north Sydney
Last night in Australia
Final morning - pretty sunrise!

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » The Rocks April 7th 2012

Beach day! We headed to Bondi Beach to relax before we went home to the Chicago weather. We relaxed and observed the Australian families interact and got a bit of sun. There are beautiful condo buildings along the beach and one just can’t help but wonder, “What if we lived there?” We caught a bus to Circular Quay, which was quite expensive for public transportation. We paid nearly $9.00 for both of us to board the non air conditioned bus, which Vicky of course got car sick. After the beach, we walked around one of our favorite Sydney Neighborhoods, The Rocks. The Rocks was a mix of Chicago’s Old Town, The West Loop, and the shops of Michigan Ave. On Saturdays, The Rocks hosts street vendors that sell clothing, jewelry, knick-knacks, and food. We browsed and ... read more
Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » The Rocks March 23rd 2012

Our flight landed in Sydney at 1:30pm. It was not a sunny day, but it wasn't a rainy day. It was a cloudy day. We got our luggage and then caught the taxi to our hotel. We checked in and dropped our luggage off. We stayed in there and explored our room for a little while. Then we headed off to Darling Harbour where, from there, we were going to catch a ferry to Milsons Point (Luna Park). It only take about 6 minutes to get there. We got there, brought our tickets and sat on the benches provided. Once the ferry came we got aboard and sat at the benches on the outside of the ferry. The ferry moved, and it was so windy we had to hold our bags and stuff very tighly. Someone's ... read more
Radisson Blu
Hotel Lobby
My Flight

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » The Rocks February 9th 2012

On Monday, I went to get a simcard for my iphone (can’t live without it now) and then headed down to a bar to watch the Superbowl for a while. At lunch time I got together with a friend of an uncle of mine – Marcelo Salas (for any Chileans reading this, not related with the football player). It was a very pleasant lunch and we agreed to meet the following week with 2 other people we both know. After lunch he dropped me off at Manly beach, where I took a stroll, had a coffee and then took the ferry back to Circular Quay (right in the center of Sydney). The days have been cloudy with a bit of rain – they say it’s going to be like that for most of the days of ... read more
Harbour Bridge
Downtown Sydney
Harbour Bridge

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