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August 9th 2014
Published: August 9th 2014
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After an hour and a half train ride, asking about ten people for directions, and getting lost in the city for an hour, my two girl friends and I finally made it to the breath takingly beautiful Sydney Harbor. I had always dreamed of one day walking through the streets of Sydney and coming across the one of a kind opera house. But doing it in person is a memory I will never forget. The harbor is just as beautiful in person as it is in pictures. The Sydney Harbor bridge stands tall on the left side of the harbor, with the opera house sitting on the right. The water glistens in between them and boats take tourists to see the scenery that is the Sydney Harbor. The harbor kind of goes in a U shape with a walk way around from the bridge to the Opera house. Along this walk way you will find people lounging on the grass, taking pictures of the view, or eating at the little cafes scattered around. Walking up to the opera house was so surreal. Like I said before, I always knew I would visit the opera house one day, but today I got the chance to walk inside of it! I was a lot more excited than one probably should be while walking into an opera house. But, boy, was I excited! Ask my friends and they will tell you I was freaking out as we walked through the glass doors and into the lobby area. The opera house is a lot more concrete than I was expecting, but it is still such an incredible building.

After we explored the harbor a bit more, it was time to move onto our next adventure: Bondi Beach (pronounced Bond-eye). To get to Bondi Beach you have to take a train and then a bus, but it is totally worth it! Bondi beach is a cute beach town with shops, cafes, restaurants and sufers everywhere! We are planning a trip to spend a day there because there is so much to see and do we could not do it in the time we had left in the day.

The day did not stop there though. After Bondi Beach we took a train back to the harbor where we then borded another train to Central Station (where we originally got off when we got to Sydney which is why we got lost finding the harbor. Central station is on the opposite side of the city...). From there we thought we would just hop on a train to get back to Wollongong. Little did we know, on this day (for some unknown reason) there was no direct train to Wollongong. Not one that we heard of atleast. Even after asking two people what train we should take to get to Wollongong, we ended up taking the train to the absolute last stop (like end of the tracks). Somehow we had missed the stop we were supposed to get off at to switch trains (probably because no one told us we had to do that). Then we got back on a train to another stop, and back on another train to Wollongong.

Total time getting to Sydney: 1.5 hours

Total time getting back to Wollongong: 4 hours

As my older sister always says, "Its not an adventure unless something goes wrong!"

Although it ended on a rough note, today was such an amazing day! I'm loving it here in Australia and the memories I am making will stay with me forever 😊

-A- <3


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