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December 17th 2013
Published: December 17th 2013
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Hello all

Well I think it is obvious I haven't updated my blog in a while. A lot of it has to do with the fact that the rest of asia I went to the computers were soo slow so i took me about an hour just to log on, and then when I got to australia, you have to pay for wifi everywhere... (grrrr ha), and then on computers you pay by the hour.. and again very slow. So now I have got my excuses out of the way, let me fill you in on what I have been doing since I last spoke to you all.

Arrived into Sydney on the 3rd November ready to start my OzIntro week on the 4th. I was really excited to come into Australia, although for some random reason I did convince myself I was going to be on Nothing to Declare, and that I was going to be the one that was taken into a room for questioning ha. Needless to say, I wasn't and it was pretty straight forward I got straight through. Arrived at the BASE Hostel that we was staying at for that week, and my first impressions were really that many of the hostels in Asia were actually better, dorm room wise. Myself and a couple of people that I met that was also doing my OzIntro week went for a drink at the Scary Canary which was linked to the Hostel and then we got to meet others that were also doing the OzIntro.

So our week was all planned out, we went Jet Boating around Sydney Harbour, which I read as a gentle boat tour (probably a bit boring) around the harbour, ha, I couldn't have been more wrong. It was basically a speed boat, that was doing what I'm going to refer as 'Handbrake Turns' on the harbour. If you wasn't soaking wet through on the first time, you was on the second and third ha, It was pretty funny though. Also a great Ice Breaker, as you're with about 15 other people that you don't know from Adam, and what was worse none of them was actually called Adam. (hee hee)

We did many things in our first week from, a tour at the Blue Mountains, which were pretty awesome, knackering, but awesome. Some spectacular views. Also went to Bondi Beach, chilled there, had a BBQ on the beach and played games, turns out rounders on the sand is a lot harder than rounders on grass.......

Also did the boring things that week like sort out our Medicare Cards and Bank cards... but that's not worthy of talking about as it wasn't fun. We went on pub crawls, haha, and in fancy dress too.... and as a group we decided to go as Turtles as that is what we felt like being a backpacker haha. However, as we are backpackers and on a budget, it was a budget style teenage mutant ninja turtle, i.e. our shells were turkey roasting tins haha, which we sprayed green with spray hair dye. cause were cool like that. ha. Was such a funny night though, about 30 turtles roaming the streets of sydney, not a sight I'm sure they see everyday.

Coming to the end of the week, i've made soo many friends, it's pretty awesome. Also coming to the end of the week, I felt it necessary that I needed a bigger backpack? I clearly wasn't satisfied with my 60L one I wanted Bigger, so I did, I purchased a 90L one... ha, needless to say I really do look like a turtle now, that backpack is almost bigger than me. ha. So that's another item that is on its way back home to the UK. (I don't like throwing things away ha)

Me and a few others booked the East Coast together, and we decided we would travel down together, like a little family, which is so cute. We would start in Cairnes, and then work down the east coast and chase the sun down 😊.

In Cairnes we stayed at Gilligans, It was awesome at Cairnes, there was a Lagoon which was soo pretty, as you cannot go into the sea due to sharks and jelly fish etc.... damn sea creatures ha. I also went Extreme Rafting, which was amazing!!! You WILL capsize into the river ha, It was fresh water also, which was so nice. There was a point I thought our leader was going to capsize us, and I thought no, no, I'm not getting stuck under this boat again, Im going to jump out before he got chance, and my friend watched me and thought, oh I best go too.... haha, when we surfaced we saw the boat was still there, upright with everyone starring at us. Ha. What was more funny is that my friend was sitting opposite me and jumped off the same side i did, so she would have had to lunge forward to leap off!!! hahaha. Trying to get back onto the raft was always entertaining... beached whale came to my mind a few times haha. Either way such a fun day. got to jump off Rocks into the river, let the current take us down just lying on our backs..... whilst being hit by some of the rocks, but thats all the fun hey!! (and lots of bruised bums)

I have done soo much, too much for me to write in this one blog, so I shall leave you with what I have done thus far, and I shall be back, to fill you in with everything else I have done. It's pretty awesome. See you all later cxxxx


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