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August 26th 2011
Published: August 29th 2011
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Sydney Day 2
Day 5 Friday

Today was the whale watching trip so I got up nice and early and went down to Circular Quay to catch the boat at 9.15 am, The boat was a big catamaran with a top, middle and bottom deck. Even after picking people up at Darling Harbour the boat had a nice number of people and wasn't overcrowded. The sun was shining as usual but there was a chilly ocean breeze so I was wrapped up in 2 hoodies and a long sleeve top which kept me warm.

When we got out to sea the swell was quite big so there was lots of ups and downs which was nothing but thrillig ;0) The first mate was our lively commentator ("Alrighty folks!") which made it all the more fun. We'd been going for a bout 20 minutes when we were tipped off by another boat that there was a couple of humpback whales north of us. As we got closer we could see the puff of exhalaed ait from the whales as they surfaced. They were exhibiting classic feeding behaviour, following the current, taking 3-5 short breaths at the surface before taking a fluke-dive for 4-6 minutes at a time. After such a dive they surprised us all by surfacing port side, right by the boat. They checked us out, swimming along side briefly before moving on in front of the boat for a bit of tail slapping. They soon got back to the business of feeding though and it was a case of spot the whale when they surfaced. They were sub-adults so about 10m long with beautiful white markings and knobbly heads which showed as they surfaced and dived. Other wildlife included albatross and skuas along with a fur seal which disappeared soon after we arrived.

Unfortunately the whales didn't breach which they had been doing non-stop the day before! However, when we were due to depart, one of the whales surfaced right by the boat again. I was lucky as I was alone on the side of the boat as other people were looking in the direction of the last sighting. I just so happened to be looking in the right direction and managed to see the whale's head, body and tail surface and disappear so quickly beneath the waves again. It was great! The next sighting was quite some distance away from the boat and so we decided to head back to harbour.

Ifan was waiting for me when I got back into harbour and we had lunch on the grass and swapped tales of our day so far. He'd been out shopping for work clothes and boots. We decided to dump our stuff at the hostel and catch a train to Bondi Junction. From here we walked down the beach which was a bit of a trek! We got there just as the day was coming to an end so we had a little stroll along the beachfront watching the surfers and joggers (they love to jog here!). Personally, I don't know what all the hype is about Bondi beach. Sure it's nice but nowhere near as nice as Manly. It's a bit more grundgy and backpacker friendly I suppose but for me, Manly wins hands down!

We couldn't face the long uphill walk back to the station so we caught the bus. We had after all spent the week walking miles and miles! Once we got back into the city centre we decided to shower and head back to Thai Passion for our 'last supper'. We gave the pub a miss and went back to the hostel to pack up and get some sleep before our 7 hour train journey to Tamworth the next day. Though we've seen and done loads in Sydney, both of us are now looking forward to getting into the countryside to see friends, beautiful scenery and some peace and quiet :0)

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on the ferry to Manly Bay
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Sydney 059

beautiful Manly Beach

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