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November 20th 2010
Published: November 22nd 2010
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So not a lot happened this week. Spent a couple of nights in a Sydney hostel. Spent the days in Sydney looking around the Australian museum and art gallery. Both were really interesting. I also went and saw Harry potter at the IMAX which was amazing!!! The IMAX in Darling Harbour is suppose to be the biggest in the world, and they aren't lying. It was huge. Such a cool way to experience films. so not a lot happening in the week, but the weekend made up for it....

At last I can show you pictures of the kangaroos. We went back to see the roos on Saturday 20th and this time I took my camera. They were so sweet. One Kangroo even had a Joey in it's pouch, you could just see it's little tail poking out! We tried to get as close as possibe to the roos with out them hopping away - we got pretty close, but I do love to see them hop. Uncle Dan then took us to Aqua Golf. It is basically like a driving range but you hit the balls into water and try to aim for the basket to get prizes. As you can imagine I wasn't the best in the beginning (it was definately the golf clubs fault and not mine!) but as I got the hang of it, I got pretty close to the prizes. It's such a basic idea but it really works - so much fun. We then went for ice cream - nice way to round off the week.

So it's monday now and i've been job searching all day - still no luck. Signed up with a few more agencies so hopefully something will pop up soon. If not I might re-think my plans. I've been in Australia for three weeks now. I don't feel like I have done alot, but I have seen some pretty amazing sights. Really want to go on another hike, might go somewhere this weekend, who knows.
In my three weeks I've been getting use to Aussie life and their way of thinking. Here's some of the things i've learnt so far:
- Australians love nicknames for people; 'Islanders' are people from islands such as Fiji, 'Wogs' are the Greek and apparently it's a joke that Tasmania is full of inbreds
- The Australian postman delivers post on a moped (look at the picture)
- It's not uncommon to be attacked by magpies - they peck at cyclist heads, thats why people add cable ties to their helmets to scare them away
- Bedding (sheets and duvet covers) are know as Manchester
- Bars rarely serve pints in NSW, it's 'schooner' or the smaller 'midi'
- The trains are double deckers and you can move the seat to face whichever direction you want
- They don't have pennies in their currency so they round up in shops
- In supermarkets the cashier packs your bags
- Cyclist are allowed to cycle on big motorways
- Aussie TV as soooooooo many breaks, pretty much every 4 mins - really annoying

Thats all for now. It's the Aussie X Factor final tonight so you can guess how my evening will be spent.
lots of love

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26th November 2010

I want a Roo! x

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