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December 10th 2008
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Bored eariler this morning at about 8am
Today was quite a day. I finally met up with my friend Lisa down at Central Sydney, and we caught a bus to Kings Street where we had a lovely Thai lunch. We then headed back to Circular Quay and took many possible (hopefully) Christmas card pictures! It was great to go back down to the Harbour. I love the little shops along the waterfront, and just sitting there looking out across the water. There was this crazy Aboriginal Techno group there, that mixed the natural sounds (ex. didgeridoo) with techno music. It was quite entertaining actually, you could choose to pose with one of the guys who was in complete Aboriginal costume (if that's the right way to put it), but I kind of chickened out. I guess when I go back there I'll do it. They were there the first time I was down at the water as well. It was quite overcast and windy today too! Definitely reminded me of Seattle weather. It was probably I'm guessing in the 60s? Maybe even a bit lower with the wind. Sydney is a lot like Seattle with the rain and everything.

After we visited the Opera House and shops, Lisa had to head back to her place to go to a function with her mom, so I continued to look around. As I was wondering, I stumbled across a Starbucks that was right across the street from the whole waterfront area! Definitely needed some caffeine 😊 After grabbing my usual Tall Nonfat No Whip Raspberry Mocha, I headed in what I THOUGHT was the right direction to get to George Street; the main street where I can catch any bus that will take me back to Sasha's. Well, I was headed towards George Street, just once I got to it, I didn't realize I was walking in the opposite direction on it! I ended up near the base of the Sydney Harbour Bridge!!! If you can tell in my pictures, the bridge in relation to the Opera House, you will understand that this is quite a ways in the WRONG direction. So completely lost, and turned around, I finally just gave up and walked back the correct direction on George Street after finally finding someone kind enough to point me towards Central Sydney. As I was walking along, I stopped in a few touristy shops and got some postcards to send home, and a few other little trinkets for friends and family. I eventually got on the 470 bus that takes me directly across the corner from Sasha's house and made it back home. I did all of this and beat the rain that started once I was on the bus!

It's now 11:20pm, and Sasha is gone to Canberra with her friend Rikki until late Thursday night. So far it's just Mark and Kim (I think that's how he spells it...) and myself. They're playing some rugby video game at the moment. I had actually a tasty dinner of a slab of tofu on a piect of toast with this Basil/Pesto sauce stuff. Surprisingly it actually tasted pretty good. Now that I'm back here, I'm realizing this time is going by too fast! I still have places to go and people to see! I'm headed up to the Gold Coast on the 17th, the day after I get back from Canberra, then I'm planning on staying with Nicola on the 17th-19th until my train/bus leaves for Brisbane, where I am going to get together with Chris, and possibly Amy, Cardine, and Angie who are all people I've known from Griffith! I also am contemplating going up to the Whitsunday Coast from Brisbane, then flying back down to Sydney after Christmas. So who knows, I might be celebrating Christmas on a beautiful pure white sandy beach! 😄

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Jet BoatJet Boat
Jet Boat

I really want to do this sometime!

Trying to take a cool picture w/ the Opera House walls up close
Street PerformerStreet Performer
Street Performer

I just thought this was adorable :)

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