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April 13th 2007
Published: April 13th 2007
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Hi everyone.
Keep those messages coming, it's great to hear from you..travelblogging is definitely the way to keep in touch.
Suzanne left for Adelaide - Wednesday - and first report from her is it's lovely and she reports Great White Sharks in the vicinity, but I needn't worry cos I know she doesn't like to get her face wet.
And I am at Double Bay with Angie and Ed's. Lovely to be here with them - Angie and I met doing our teacher training and Ed was at the University of Sussex when they met, so Michael knew him too....and we all fell in love at the same time and got married in the University Meeting House within a few months of each other and I had Richard just 6 months before Angie had Hattie.... so for a while we thought our paths were parallell...until they went to Oz about 15 years ago. But we have kept in touch all this time, and met up a few times over the years. It is always lovely to be with friends who knew Michael.
So as poor Angie is working hard this week I have been off on buses and ferries to various places around Sydney Harbour. Had a lovely walk on the cliff tops at the South Head of the Harbour, Watsons Bay looking out over the Tasman Sea, have explored Double Bay - posh shops and cafes, lovely place called 21's - great food, and went to the NSW Art Gallery yesterday. There was an exhibition -Archibald Prize - of portraits by Australian artists. Very interesting how different artists perceive portraitsand how they present their subject. It was lovely to see all the different styles and no piles of bricks or cows cut in half. IT's a lovely gallery and they have also some great works by Aboriginal Artists, so I was there nearly all day and then walked through the Botanical Gardens, under the Bat Colony again!!!! - lay o'n a bench in the sun for a bit then sat in one of the Opera House Cafes and had lemonade and a cake --- so the titile of today's blog does have some meaning!!!
Today I am sorting our my stuff getting ready for our trip to Cairns and the rainforest....at Cape Tribulation. Someone has now told me Cassowary birds are dangerous - and they are supposed to be just wandering about near where we stay - so there was me thinking - oh wont it be lovely to see those birds--- but I suppose even swans can be dangerous. I have got my umbrella I bought in Singapore so I could do a Sean Connery if we get attacked (remember him in Indiana Jones as the father- chasing the birds down the beach with his umbrella). So I will be watching out for rivers we cant cross, crocodiles, snakes, sharks and stingrays and now birds!!!!! Why did Angie suggest this holiday and why did I say yes? So will blog you if I survive and if I can up at the Rainforest Hideaway.
Love to all
Lynne xx

I am also picking up my Yahoo mail so anyone can contact me there- and messages from the blog get sent there too.


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