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October 14th 2006
Published: October 14th 2006
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OK, as many of your nkow I wrote the MCAT exam to get in to medical school in August, but it took a full 60days to mark, which almost killed me. I've been waiting for Oct. 14 for 60 long, long days. To make matters worse, since I'm a day ahead here it's been October 14th for hours and hours. I was thinking I had to wait until tomorrow for it to be Oct. 14th back home, but I just realized it's late enough now, so I went to the website and tried to log on......

But I couldn't! I couldn't remember the correct combination of username and password. However after many tries it finally let me in, and instead of the annoying "no scores yet" message I've been viewing for 60 days, my marks were there, ready to go.

Luckily, it was a huge relief!! I'm really happy with my results. I thought I did terribly after the exam so I was sure getting these scores would wreck at least a week of Sydney time. But they didn't. No more MCAT studying for me!! Yahhhhh!!!!!! My marks at totally fine to be competitive at UBC, which is all I really cared about.

For those of you that understand MCAT scoring (i.e. Jeff Ricketson and Robbie Nissen) my marks are as follows:
Verbal Reasoning: 13/15
Biological Sciences: 14/15 (yahhhhh!)
Writing Sample: S out of T? ( I think it goes up to T...)
Physical Sciences: 12/15 Many of you will remember my terror after not remembering the formula for the potential energy of a spring on the test, which came up many times. It stressed me out so much and then I pretty much ran out of time for the actual test, so I thought I had totally tanked that section. What a relief that it was OK in the end.

HUGE thank you to Jeff Ricketson. I really, really couldn't have done this without you.


14th October 2006

Hey Jess, congrats on passing your MCAT exam.
14th October 2006

Fantastick Jess. I already sent a copy of this to the Dean of Medicine at UBC.
16th October 2006

That sounds great Jess. I'm glad that you did well, and it warms my heart to know that your hard work is paying off. Please keep the updates coming, as they are joy to read.
30th October 2006

This is quite late, i'm just catching up on all of your posts. Sounds like you're having an amazing time! Way to go on the MCAT. That's so awesome! We're all proud of you!!!!!

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