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July 26th 2007
Published: August 5th 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

Booked the last flight , hotel and hire car. Raided all the travel shops and bought half the shop! Read all the 'hints and tips' I can find - how am I going to carry all this stuff.! Itinerary, tickets and paper print outs weight a ton - what about the clothes! Had a last minute panic about how number one son will cope while we are away (I can hear him now"don't worry mum - I won't have HUGE parties!") Getting two back teeth out next week - just hope the swelling's gone down before I get on the plane. Then there is the 'what to take' issue. It could be boiling in Thailand, hot or very wet in UK, in the 20's in Russia and who knows what in Europe? By November the temp will be cool in Scotland - layers are the answer and maybe leave lots of room for any purchases? After the 27kg suitcase last trip I'm determined to travel light. Can I hear laughter?? Really! I am going to try.
This is my 'maiden entry' so hope it doesn't put you off.
Promise to add lots of stuff about the rugby and get Kevin to add some stuff. Can't wait and admit to 'windows of huge excitement'. Fourteen and a half weeks is a long time to be away - but you know what they say ' your 50s are the new 30s' Whoohooo! Let's party!


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