You know you're a backpacker when..

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January 12th 2016
Published: January 12th 2016
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You know you're a backpacker when:

You know where all of the free WiFi cafes and food places are. These include Dome, Maccas, Starbucks..
And you sit in there for hours with the same cup of tea.

You wear the same clothes over and over again. And you don't care. Because you're a backpacker. You only wash them when they start to smell, or people avoid hanging out with you (that hasn't happened to me yet)...

You're able to sleep with the light on. You can sleep with any sort of noise. You don't even need ear plugs as your immune to sound.

The best feeling is finding out that your myki/metrocard/Opal card has money still on it when you go across the state border.

You enjoy looking through the free food tubs in hostels, free food is good as long as it's in date!

You meet a fellow backpacker in your hostel and you buddy up with them to bulk cook food which lasts you days. I had a meal which cost each of us $3 and it lasted me 3 nights! You can live cheap if you want to!!

You find websites such as Couch Surfing/HelpX/Woofing/Workaway and you meet locals, you live with the locals and you find a new sense of worth.

You feel lonely when in a bedroom alone. You get used to chatting to strangers sharing the same bedroom as you.

You talk to anyone and everyone at the airport/bus station/queues

You don't know what to write when it asks for your address. Is that home here or home home....?

Permanent thong tan lines

You don't know what day it is ever. This sometimes results in missed flights/buses...


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