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August 17th 2009
Published: August 18th 2009
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The gangThe gangThe gang

Dugong, Kerry, Sarah, Tori, Claire, me, mermaid.
Last week I went to the Sydney Aquarium with Claire, her friend Tori who was visiting, Sarah, and Kerry. Pictures are attached, and if you want more let me know. There's a lot, so I'll just explain the day through those.

Uneventful weekend again, but I made up for it last night .

My chest started hurting around 8:30, so I went to bed around 10:30. I woke up around an hour later to more chest pain, and now it hurt up and down my sternum. I took two advil around midnight because it started to hurt when I breathed any deeper than shallow breathing. I tried to lay down, which just hurt worse. So after talking with Claire and Sarah, two of my roommates, I decided to get a cab to the emergency room.

A $14 cab ride later I was taken back and hooked up to ekg's and other things. One lady put all the stickies on me and took a map of my heart or something, another, my doctor, gave me a local anesthetic on my hand so she could take blood. After she got one vial she gave me another shot on my

They are fast swimmers
left elbow so she could get two more vials out of there. The whole time, this nurse Susan was talking to me to take my mind off of it. That was nice. Eventually they allowed Sarah and Claire to come back, which was nice. Thankfully they brought books, because it took at least 45 minutes before the guy came to take me for my xrays. Four hours of the ER was a little much, though. We all started to get pretty hungry.

When I got home at 4:45am I called my brother to tell him what happened. I also had to peel about twelve sticky things off of me, which the next time I showered I noticed two more. With the drugs they gave me, I slept well.

Additional photos below
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This guy climbed out of the water for us to take pictures of him!
Lizard #2Lizard #2
Lizard #2

This guy was also a ham for the cam.
I found Nemo!I found Nemo!
I found Nemo!

A wooden one at least..

There is a bottle in there covered in little shell looking things..

Gross. They were all hiding in these tubes.
A dugong!A dugong!
A dugong!

...or a "mystical" dugong as they call it.
I'm aged 1 1/2 in dugong yearsI'm aged 1 1/2 in dugong years
I'm aged 1 1/2 in dugong years

Everyone else was around 1 years old
Awkward mermaid poseAwkward mermaid pose
Awkward mermaid pose

If only I still had my long hair like hers..

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