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February 2nd 2005
Published: January 22nd 2006
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I know I haven't written back sooner but we've been super busy and I am a really good procrastinator. So.. here's the scoop... We arrived early Sunday morning and around 6am. We met up with the two guys we met in the Honolulu airport (Brandon & Derek). They are both from Ottawa. They decided to come to the same hostel as us because ours sounded better that theirs! And an Australian we also met same Bondi was safer than Kings Cross. Haha! So, we found the shuttle pretty quickly (it cost us each 10AUD) but the stupid shuttle driver dropped us off at the wrong place (but we didn't notice until after he already drived away! Luckily for us, an Australian girl (around our age) gave us a ride to our place. It was a super nice thing (She is going to Costa Rica soon so she thought it was good karma!) I definitely thought so as well.
When we finally got to our hostel (Beached at Bondi) our room was not ready but the guys' room was so we left our stuff there and went and had a shower since it was so humid there and our clothes were pretty much stuck to us! After our shower, we headed to the beach for a look around. It was a pretty cloudy day. We sat on the beach for awhile and then picked up some groceries and walked home in the rain (I got us lost..lol )
Back at the hostel, Mich and I got our rooms and settled in. Our room was pretty tiny but it was nice to have a room just to ourselves. We all ordered pizza that night and played a few games of cards. It was an early night for all of us, we were completely exhausted.
On Monday, we went to visit downtown Sydney and visited the Sydney Opera house and the Harbour bridge. We did a little shopping and then headed back to Bondi... when we decided to head back down to the beach because the weather was perfect!!! I went swimming in the sea and it was soo nice!!! It's hard to get used to the salt water but it was unbelievable! That night we ended up going to a nearby pub with the guys we met in the airport and some guys we met at our hostel. It was an okay night, but we got really tired and headed back by ourselves. Jet lag was catching up on us.
On Tuesday, we decided we'd meet up with a friend from home (Shannah) who was already in Australia on a working Visa. It was really nice to see a familiar face, we all met up at the beach. We all lay down in the sun and caught up about what they were all up to and gave them some news from home. We left earlier than the girls as Michelle and I were already starting to burn! (The Australian Sun is very HOT!). We went and ate lunch at the beach club and then we headed back to the hostel to meet up with the guys. We also ordered pizza again, as it was pretty much the only food that resembled anything like home. (unfortunately, the pizza guy must of got lost cuz he never showed 😞 )
And now we are at today .... we decided to go SHOPPING!!!! The mall is huge!! I think I am in love with Westfield (Bondi Junction Mall)!! We had a brillant time. For lunch, we met the guys at an Irish Pub, the food was pretty good. The boys left us today 😞 They headed to stay on Manly beach for awhile ... they asked us to come along but we had already paid for the hostel and our Contiki tour was starting in a few days. But we planned on going to spend the day there tomorrow with them, so that is pretty exciting!

Okay, so I'm off to find some dinner with Michelle!



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