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April 16th 2007
Published: April 16th 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

Hello there. Since my last entry I have been to Brunei! For those who dont know where that is (like me), it is Borneo, Malaysia way. I met mum, who was there on work. I had such a brilliant time. We stayed in the most amazing hotel. It was 6 stars, and felt it too. It seemed to me to be made out of pure marble and gold! It had a country club, which they whiz you up to on a golf buggy, which I found pretty fun in itself. That is becuase the grounds are too large to walk it. I spent quite a bit of my spare in there when Mum was at work. Using their gym facilites, and marble indoor lap pool. I had to do some exercise after all the amazing food we were eating. A lot of all you can eat buffet style food. We went out with Mums collegues to a good Japanese restaurant. I felt well and truly relaxed by the end of the 4 days. The hotel looks onto the South China Sea, which is by far the warmest sea I have ever been in. The time that wasnt spent eating was
Enjoying the local MocktailsEnjoying the local MocktailsEnjoying the local Mocktails

Brunei is a dry country. No booze allowed!
spent lounging round the pools. It was baking hot there, 38C at points. The room was huge, the 'single' beds were more like double. They even came into your bedroom at night to turn down your bed and lay your slipprs out. The best thing was, becuase Mum was working for the med school, we got goverment rates, so it was tres cheap too. I did venture out of the hotel, although I can see how it would be easy to spend all your time using the facilities. We went to see some Mosques. Unfortunately it was friday prayer day when we went, and I was dressed inappropriately, so we couldn't go in. They were stunning from the outside though, a lot of gold. On my last day we went down the Brunei river to look for Proboscus monkeys. They are the ones with the long phallic noses. There's only 2 placs in the world where you can see them, Brunei being one. We did see quite a few, but quite far off. Most of the pics I took just look like I was admiring the folliage! Then I had to say goodbye to Mum again. Very sad, but hopefully
Pool and South China SeaPool and South China SeaPool and South China Sea

Just trying to make you all jelous!
she'll be able to come over in August (on her air miles!). Thats one thing that wasn't great about the trip; Brunei Airways. My TV was broken on the way there, and the way back. So I had 2 very boring flights. Apparently this is perfectly normal for the airlines, which does concern me a little!

I'm now back to work, just waiting for my next break, which should be in June. So long to wait it seems. Hopefully Wil should be coming over, now the RAF have actually confirmed his leave (eventually). I cant wait for that, 6 weeks friday, not that I'm counting! Well, got to go get my train and go to work. Not much other news has been happening my end. Just working all week waiting for the weekends to party! I know there has been quite a bit going on back home though, Amber is my information channel! Also, congratulations Stace and Rich!! Very exciting.

Still missing you all. I should be back in Oct/Nov depending on everything going to plan. Love Em xxx

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The Empire HotelThe Empire Hotel
The Empire Hotel

Our room was on middle right of the building
Floating petrol stationFloating petrol station
Floating petrol station

Where we refueled our boat. The only one in the world!
me and Mumme and Mum
me and Mum

On the boat in our fetching orange lifejackets.
The water VillageThe water Village
The water Village

A very poor area of Brunei.

16th April 2007

Missing you
Hi, look at you travelling, wow. you look in good shape too, i have lost 2 stone, v proud. You going to miss my birthday, better send me a pressie and card. i have a new boyfriend, his name is daniel and 22. the weather here is boiling, i have been working on my tan on my roof, went for a swim this morning and trying to get a job. is there a spare bed at yours, i would like to visit oz. anyways missing you, its no fun. lots of love seraphina. xxx
16th April 2007

It's so great to see what an amazing time you're having, and I really enjoy reading your blog - I wish I could be out there too! It must be fantastic. I really hope you're well and happy out there. Write to us lots!! lots and lots of love xxxxxxxxx
17th April 2007

Six Gold Stars blog!
I have stayed in a few hotels in my travels but never one with such style. What a coincidence Angela has her med school work on your side of the world, when you just happen to be in the same hemisphere. I do hope that Wil gets his flight sorted in good time...Wil...are you reading this? Just in case anyone thinks this is what Emmy does between ward rounds and bed baths, I have to say they'd be nearly right! Bet they miss you when you're gone, Emmy! Makes the French Pyrenees seem a bit tame - which is where I'll be in May. XXX
22nd April 2007

Em your bikini beach shot looks wicked! very bond-esq !!! I think you've had enough fun now - please come home.
3rd May 2007

hiiii emmy its meeeeeeeeee
hi stranger hows you i am so sorry to hear and i send my love so does mum just got back from turkey land seen kimbo wicked time but not quite as wicked as you are doing now i know im a crap friend and from now on ill keep u posted will read ur blog tonight and get back to u still recovering from turky land had turkey tummy for half of the holiday i canny belive i can start up a little network again with u and kimbo send my love to everyone, hi everyone hello have a wicked time im sure you are i will get back to you verry soon xxxxxxxxxxx
5th May 2007

Hey chica!!! It looks like you are having a really great time! When are you coming out to Cali?? That is the question. I love reading your blogs eventhough I get green with envy! take care sweets and write me soon! XOXOXO

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