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April 9th 2007
Published: April 9th 2007
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Well -don't be fooled by the title, we were not surfing in the sea...but in the shopping centre at Bondi Junction...sales were on we managed to get some bargains.
But to bring you up to date...we arrived at 6am yesterday morning (sunday) after a good flight. Plane not full so I immediately bagged a row of 4 seats in the middle next to the 2 we had anyway...and after watching a film (The Departed- this time) I had a snooze for a couple of hours.. Woke up to them serving brekkie and next thing I knew we were landing - 7hours went quickly!!! We got thru the airport quite quickly and taxi to the hotel. This is a little boutique hotel in Potts Point called Simpsons Hotel, which Michael and I found in 2004 when we came here. Its a lovely place and although I am missing M. a lot and wishing he was with me - it is a nice feeling to be somewhere where he has been... and Suz and I are in the same room we had before. The room was ready for us when we arrived , which was great, and we had a quick shower and a proper breakfast and went out for the day!!! No jet lag for us.... just ignore it - I say!!!! We walked into the centre of Sydney through the gardens and along the bays and past the Opera House to the Quay and wandered round a market at The Rocks then got a ferry tour all round the harbour. For those of you who havent been here - the harbour itself is very BIG - in fact the shoreline of harbour is 250km - and the ferry tour takes 2 hours. So we sat on the boat and almost fell asleep with the rocking motion - but not quite.... then it was back to the hotel and get ready to go and see our friends Angie and Ed, who had invited us for dinner. Lovely to see them both and had a great evening catching up with them and as Suzanne said "proper food". That was day 1 in Sydney.
Day 2 - today we have been out from 10 am to 7.30 pm travelling around the city on the Bondi Explorer bus and the Sydney Explorer - when we buy a day ticket we like to get our money's worth. We set off from Wooloomooloo Bay ( dont you just love these Aussie words) - stopped off at a few places the take photos, and then walked from Bronte Beach to Bondi. Weather gorgeous sunny and a few clouds but not too hot and a breeze. Suzanne of course has managed to put the suntan cream in all the wrong spots and now has a pattern on her bare neck bit. Bondi seems to be being regenerated from when I was here before and looked really good today... but maybe I was just looking at all the nice blokes surfing and swimming.
Next stop was the shopping at Bondi Junction and bought new trainers and a T shirt - it seems I missed out T shirts in my packing and only brought 2, so the fotos of me last week all show me wearing the same T shirt -- but I was washing it everyday!! Suzanne got loads of things and didnt even spend much money.....and so far I have managed to stop her buying more bags. So then it was back on the bus and then into coty cenytre and walk and then back on the fact we kept going to all the sights till the bus didn't run anymore and it was dark in the harbour so we came back to the hotel, changed and went out to a nice Italian up the road and now here I am ready to go to bed after I have done this. Still havent figure out how to add photos to this blog but have figured out how my new camera works - so if I have time tomorrow I will try and add some photos...cos I have bought a card reader. Bob told me to buy one and it is nothing to do with birthday cards - I think it is something to do with putting my photos on the blog...but that is someting else I have to figure out now - how that works. (I wasn't a technology tutor for nothing!!!!)
So love to you all reading this. I am getting your messages and texts via the blog and its great to hear from you. And, Claire, we havent actually had much chocolate at all apart from the choc mousee and choccies in Raffles!!! And Richie- sorry for sending texts to you when you are still asleep, i will try and restrain myself and send them in the evening here - your afternoon.
Lynne and Suzanne xxxxx


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