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August 22nd 2008
Published: August 22nd 2008
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So I now reside in Balmain. And it is lovely!! I want to stay here! There are so many little cafes, bakeries, bars, trendy boutiques, restaurants and best of all the London Hotel (and its legendary London Burger mmmmmm)!! This place is a particular favourite of mine as you can sit on the verandah with a Blond Beer (low Carb you know) and enjoy the view of the Harbour Bridge........

What I love about Balmain too is it feels like a proper little village no where near a big city but then its a 5-10 minute ferry or bus ride to the centre! If I ever move to Oz permanently - this is where I'll live! Unfortunately this time round its only for 3 weeks so I have been enjoying it to the max!

Pete's friend Craig has been my personal tour guide (thanks Craig). He picked me up on Sunday and we drove all round the city. The sun had come out for us which made the convertible roof more than appreciated! We went from Balmain across the Anzac Bridge to CBD, Woolloomoolloo (saw Russell Crow's very cool pad) and to all the northern bays right up to Watson bay. My favourite bay was Double bay where we saw 3 Ferraris and a few Bentleys and lots of nice boats - niiiice! Had a great day in the sun and the seafood and wine lunch topped it all of rather nicely.

I've also been out and about with my friend Aurelie a lot and we had a legendary Chinese last night in China town. It makes me hungry just thinking about it yuuuummm!!! Then it was off to Cargo bar (just because I felt I had to due to frequenting the Edinburgh one so often!!). This is one of the coolest bars- with the best view of the harbour (Edinburgh's wharf view is nice but its not the same), good music, nice cocktails and lots of nice Australian men...anyway I digress. It was nice.

Last weekend I spent a lot of time at markets (Balmain & Glebe mainly) as it seems everywhere in Sydney has weekend markets. Great. I love it!!! Although spending hours at markets is a little tortuous and depressing when you have no money. So we then went to the London Hotel to cheer ourselves up (and spent lots of money)!!!

I have also been out whale watching. I have to be careful as I kept telling people that I was going whale "hunting" which goes down very well as you can imagine. Anyway we followed 2 hump back whales migrating South for an hour or so. I was so excited that I almost cried with emotion then I was brought to my senses by the man standing next to me barfing all over the place. Nice. This (seeing the whales) was one of the most amazing experiences. I want to swim with dolphins next - but things will need to get much hotter before I attempt that!!

It rained today which upset me alot. I mean it doesn't rain in Oz...or at least it shouldn't!! It made me want to go shopping for a more Scottish weather orientated wardrobe but then I remembered all those promises - summer is coming!! (But when??)

I have a trial shift in a little cafe that is less than 30 seconds from my front door tomorrow so hopefully that will go well and I will have money to see more of this fantastic place!!!!

Anyway I am off to check in with Dr Carl Kennedy. We've been getting very close.

Hope everyone is well.


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26th August 2008

Never mind you crying at the whales, I am nearly in tears looking at the views of the harbour bridge! The London Hotel is also bringing back good old memories of The Chamberlain.
30th August 2008

Sorry to make you teary!! Will try not to make you so jealous in future but it might be hard!!! Where is the Chamberlain? x
8th December 2008

He put the Taz in Tasmania...
Looking forward to your update and pics from Tazmania. Never made it that far... Hope all is well. Need to send you a proper email soon and update you on Cambodia. x

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