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December 1st 2010
Published: November 30th 2010
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HI everyone
Sorry to hear lots of you are snowbound .... while I am in rather muggy ( rainy today) hot wearing my shorts weather - but mustn't grumble!!! Haha.
Yes I am leaving Port as it is called- Port Macquarie- and yes I will be leaving a bottle of Port ( half drunk) behind too. So the last few days have been a hectic social whirl with Jenny, Michael's cousin styaing with me and also meeting up for an event almost every day with all my new friends here. Culminating in a curry night last night followed by a swim in Susan's HEATED pool around 11.30 pm...then of course we sat round chatting and drinking mugs of Milo - bliss.
I didnt get to bed until 1.30 a. and had to trundle the bins out at 1am - so I hope the neighbours wont complain!!!
So this morning it's the final tidy up an change beds - laundry etc to leave this lovely house for the next lot of swappers and I know Geoff and Susan are doing the same in my house.
I am staying with a friend tonight and take the train to Sydney tomorrow for my next month's stay.
So I am sad to be leaving here - but at the same time looking forward to my next house swap - and meeting up with old friends and new in Sydney.
I am not sure about internet connections at Hunters Hill so don't worry if you don't hear from me for a few days... I know Lars ( in Sweden) was getting worried about me when they hadn't had a blog for a few days... how nice to have friends who worry about you - having said that I think he was worrying that he would lose me as his dishwahing helper in the summer at their hostel!!!
It is now 2 months I have been away and it has gone so fast ...but it feels likeI have done loads too.
So bye for now..// see you all in Sydney.
Love to all.
Lynne xxx


1st December 2010

Hi Lynne. I'm finally into your blog after many tries. Lauging at your drinking port which of course is what Fiona & Anthony have been doing in Spain - it seems to me you travellers will use any excuse - as if you need one. So glad you have made friends along the way too. It's nice to catch up with locals isn't it? Take care and enjoy the rest of your holiday. Fondest regards. Jan
1st December 2010

Snow, snow and more snow!
Hi Lynne, well yes you are right, you have done loads, probably seems more apparant to all of us who only get to read the blogs, not get to carry out the fun stuff! Snow here is horrendous and it's making life tricky at times, I haven't seen my poor old mum as the village she lives in is notoriously difficult to get to in these conditions. So thank your lucky stars and make the most of every minute (sounds like you are). Look forward to the next instalment and take care, Hils x
1st December 2010

Safe journey to Sydney have a fabulous time. Will be thinking of you as we snugle up in your lovely big bed on Friday hope S & G leave the leccy blanket on it. Looking forwad to seeing everyone back in UK starting with a meal out with Chris & Anabel Fday pm. Ordered a leccy blanket for us and one for Tel's mum at your Tesco Kingfisher Drive, (got postcode in satnav) so will pick that up Fiday afternoon and a few supplies for the bunker! as there's so much of that b***dy white stuff around. Just hope the roads will be ok for the trip up. Not long till Suz starts her journey and will soon be ove there with you, so don't drink all the port! Lotsa love M & T xxx
2nd December 2010

Look out NZ she is getting closer.
hi Lynne we are enjoying once again your travel blog. Things are great down under, we are having fantastic weather and it looks like it is going to go on for sometime. Looking forward to seeing you in the new year. We are heading to Christchurch for Christmas to have it with our son Wayne and his wife. They are still having after shocks from the big earth quake. You will notice a big difference with NZ in the summer compared with the winter when you were here last time. No night walks to look at the southern skys as it is still day light at 10.30pm. Keep having fun. Cheers Ross
3rd December 2010

hi lynne, greetings from snowy bolton. it really is cold, i know i'm a dubai whimp but............. it's great being spoilt by my family!!! and spending time/sharing cuddles with our girls surgery booked for 10th dec and hoping to fly back to work on 31st overnight!! hope you are looking forward to the festive season also. big hugs to you dear pal. love lesley xxxxxxxxxx
5th December 2010

Holiday disaster
Well, sounds like you are continuing to have great fun. Unfortunately, we didn't get to the Caribbean as Gatwick decided to close the day we were supposed to fly, re-scheduled to Thursday but remained closed then took the decision not to re-schedule again and cancelled the flight so holiday over!! We are going on the 19th Jan now but have managed to get a cheapy to Morocco for a week, leaving tomorrow, to cheer ourselves up!! Will write again when back, much love xxx

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