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September 4th 2015
Published: September 4th 2015
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Sally-Wagon-2015 VersionSally-Wagon-2015 VersionSally-Wagon-2015 Version

Additional storage up top is working well though probably impacting on fuel economy just a tad!
Entry 1 – 2 September 2015

I have been on the road again for just 2 days and nights, and my first stop was on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River approximately 10 kms east of Narranderra, NSW. This is a little gem of a camp site which has provided me with a welcome chance to stop and gather my thoughts and recharge my energy levels after the stress and hectic pace of life preparing to depart from home and take leave of family and friends.

The drive across country once I left the Hume Highway at Gundagai, was simply stunning. After all the rain of recent weeks, Australia’s colours, green and gold, were rich and saturated. The road was lined with wide expanses of canola fields in full bloom interspersed with pasture so green it was almost artificial. Railway sidings were full of long lines of empty box carriages waiting for the harvest and the silos buzzed with activity in anticipation. Several times on the drive I was tempted to take a photographic break, but I confess to absolute laziness couched in knowing that no photo could capture the expanse of this countryside, and passed through without a shot.

It is good to be back on the road again. But there is more to this trip than I have ever set out with before. Major personal challenges accompany me. I am doing this trip completely on my own, over an extended period of time, and over an extended distance. I am acutely aware of my advancing years with the big 70 just around the corner and sensitive to the fact that time is running out for me to take these challenges. My journey will take me all the way from east to west, and once commenced, there will be no easy return should I find the going tough or too “alone”. I will travel through some remote and harsh places, see amazing and beautiful sights. And along the way, I hope to find a part of me that has never had the chance to manifest so far in my life. It will be a journey inwards as much as over vast external distances.

In my mind, before I left home, I felt that I was going to confront being “alone” something I have never really experienced before in my life and which is therefore somewhat of a haunting and scary prospect. And a challenge I want to face.

Already though, after just hours on the road, my concept of “alone” is changing. There is so much to sort through and discover. Is alone just a state of mind? Is it a physical, or an emotional experience? With so much love in my life, is alone even possible?

Well, if a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step, I am on my way. Let the process of discovery, both internal and external, begin.

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5th September 2015

alone at last
Hey, what happened to Robyn? Thought she was going to join you on the first leg? Being alone can be scary at first, but then it is just SOOO nice doing what you want whenever you want and not really having to please anybody but yourself! Hope you come to enjoy it! x tashe
5th September 2015
Road testing the new lens

Hello Di, lovely to see you on the road again and I look forward to hearing of your adventures and captures along the way. I love your intro and wonder how far and how long you will be away for. We are getting there with a new van on board, which we doing some modifications to. It is an American van with all the comforts and a slide-out included. Mean-time I agree we are getting into our more senior years and since Ian has recently had a heart scare, a stent inserted, etc we are very aware that we should simply not stick around for everyone who expects us to. We however will have commitments next year but shall at least try for 3 months, being in Moruya and Bega over Christmas. Tell me about your new lens?????? I am still pursuing club activities and challenges each month and improving hopefully. Looking to do some long exposures soon, just need the location. Safe travels. Jenny
5th September 2015
Road testing the new lens

My new lens
Hi Jen, my new lens is a biggie. 400mm prime Canon. It is fabulous. I am still getting used to the weight of it - its really designed to go on a tripod, but I find that very restrictive, especially when I love photographing birds with it so much, which is why I have it. I will be away for three months - plan to be back home by beginning of December, so will be there when you guys visit at Christmas. I hope we can catch up. I heard about Ian's health scare. So sorry - I hope he is recovering well. And yes ... at our age, we need to make every day count. That's my philosophy anyway. Lots of love to you both.
6th September 2015
Road testing the new lens

Hello Di...thanks for getting back. I was just reading today in Australian Photography + Digital about the Canon 400mm prime lens that this pro photographer was using to capture wildlife etc. This is obviously the one you have, although you have a cropped sensor, so you will get more out of it. My new lens are a 10-18 mm wide angle, and a 50 mm prime lens. I still use the 24-105 mm a great deal and now with a back pack I can only carry 3, which will be the two I've just mentioned, and the 75-300 mm. Really looking forward to being away and capturing the country again, as it gets a bit too busy here. Great we will meet around Christmas time. Sue has just arrived in Qld and hope to catch up with her this week. Take care. Jenny xxxxxx

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