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February 9th 2009
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Central TilbaCentral TilbaCentral Tilba

Mt Dromedary appearing through the mist in the distance
The day began cold and grey. The dark clouds promised much but delivered little more than a few large drops that convinced me to shut the windows in the tent for a while. It was too cold to go to the beach in the morning so I explored the town and visited a few local landmarks. 'The Gap Lookout' sounded interesting, but turned out to be simply a lookout over the entrance to the harbour. It was interesting to see the rock walls that have been built to control the channel of the harbour entrance, but would hardly have been worth the effort if I had chosen to walk instead of riding to the carpark near the top.

For afternoon tea I thought that I might try Central Tilba where I could taste some cheeses at the old cheese factory. This is an historic township, registered by the National Trust, which only survived after the 19th centruy goldrushes because of the local dairy industry and the cheese factory. I was full of hope that the cheese shop at the factory would be able to satisfy my hunger.

Sadly, that was not to be the case. No Red Leicester. No Tilsit. No Red Windsor. No Stilton. No Gruyere. No Edam. Not even a hint of Wensleydale. They did have a very nice Vintage Cheddar, but the minimum purchase was 250g and with no refrigerator on the bike I would doubtless end up with something more like a Gippsland Blue. Therefore I simply nibbled on the free samples for a while before heading on my way.


10th February 2009

Poor Greg, Sarah and I both had a small giggle reading this update, we could just imagine greg's excitement upon entering the cheese factory just to have his hopes and dreams squashed. Imagine the face of disapointment, and greg nibbling free cheese like a sad little mouse.

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