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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Menindee May 5th 2017

Woke up to a glorious day on the Darling River. We did hear our grey nomad mates trundle off at about six so I’m glad we got rid of them. Was a bit of a bummer that the rear tyre was completely flat, especially after that google tip. But we were only a few ks out of Menindee and this seemed like a good opportunity to check to see if anyone had died over night, so I rang the local servo. The lady asked me “wheres youse at”. Which was a great question as I hadn’t seen my hat since we started out. With the help of the car manual I changed tyres, noting that I didn’t use Cyril due to the close bond that we are developing, took the spare into town. Told the story ... read more
Imperial Hotel
Map Day 3

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Menindee May 4th 2017

Had a pretty reasonable sleep in the caravan park. Woke to a beautiful morning in Condobolin. There was a guy in the shower dressed as Frida which was a bit weird. Had a coffee at Happy Daze and was served by a fat girl with tatts wearing black tights. After a 2 hour training session with Becs last weekend I was pretty confident that that her navigation was going to be superb. First stop was Lake Cargellico and it is a beautiful town with (you wouldn't believe it) a lake. But not just a lake, a huge lake. Chatted to an ashen faced couple who had just driven the dirt road from Ivanhoe to Menindee. They didn't seem all that impressed. The road from Lake Cargellico to Ivanhoe was great, although a bit embarrassing to be ... read more
Darling River
Map Day 2

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Menindee September 11th 2014

Before I headed into the outback, I would have said there was definitely only a limited number of sunsets, sunrises, moon rises and moon sets that a photographer could shoot – well, this photographer anyway. Now, I’m not so sure … This is especially true of Menindee, which by the way and just in passing, is I think the windiest place on the planet. As I write this the Sally Wagon is being buffeted by a gale that has just caused me to pull down the pop top and she is still being shaken and rocked like a leaf. In fact I am not sure the pop top will not be ripped open again by the wind at any moment. We arrived in Menindee yesterday afternoon about 2pm and after a quick look at the town, ... read more
Menindee Sunset - going
Menindee Sunset - Gone
Menindee Sunset - Glowing

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Menindee » Lake Pamameroo June 11th 2013

Sunday 1671/10 The day started slowly, I tried to get the camp fire on the go, but I am not really that good at it, my half hearted effort does not get it going, Andy appears and very quickly we have a fire going. We sit in the morning sunshine, gazing across the sparkling and still lake, watching the cormorants, darters and wading birds of some description do their morning fishing. I tried to look up what the waders were in my bird book, but I cannot seem to find them, it is only a small book though. Wendy wanders over looking energetic and says she is going for a walk, she also returns the hot water bottle that we leant her last night (it was a really cold night and Andy made a big sacrifice!) ... read more
At the Train Station
Menindee Station

Day 1668/7, 1669/8 & 1670/10 Thursday 6, Friday 7 and Saturday 8 June 2013 We are settled in here at Lake Pamameraoo, just outside the Kinchega National Park, and North of Menindee, we are literally 12 feet from the water’s edge which is nice as you can hear the waves lap whilst you are in bed. Also to listen to the different birds calling, including watching the waders do their fishing, as they stealthily walk through the water not making a single ripple and then all of a sudden they move and a fish is hanging out of their mouth. Our spot is a prime spot, having a lake frontage and we are parked about 300 mtrs up from Wendy and Graham Savage, who own the awesome International D1100 that has been featured in the blog ... read more
Boiling the Billy
Airing the new swag
The Grave

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