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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Lithgow February 3rd 2019

The following morning we left Manly just as the thunder and lightning broke - clearly wanted us to stay. After picking up the car we were off to Katoomba in the Blue Mountains by car. Once there we thought we would do the Over Cliff, Under Cliff Walk to Wentworth Falls. 40 minutes in with thunder and lightning all around us we considered turning back - but we pressed on. 50 minutes in and the heavens opened with thunder, lightning torrential rain and huge hailstones. Out came the ponchos from our South America trip and back we went walking through rivers of water coming down the mountain. It looked like we were walking up waterfalls. Who said Australia was sunny! Absolutely drenched we thought it was time to find our Airbnb. When we got there we ... read more
Broccoli anyone?
just walkin in the rain....

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Lithgow May 3rd 2018

IRONFEST...WILD WEST 2018. I used to use a line in bars of "Excuse me is anyone sitting here? I need to get the weight off my feet." Smile of a pretty girl relieved I had not used a sleasy line..."Be my guest."...knowing I was in. I met my wife Denise with sign language inviting her to dance...did it twice before I was in. Years pass and I'm at my second Ironfest at Lithgow in April 2018. Denise is at the ballet so on my lonesome until I meet Charmayne from the Sydney Photographic Society at the of my buddies from last year...then David from Travelblog ...cruising the traps like hunters seeking to capture the souls of exotica in our lens. Pretty hard to hide my pick-up-line so I just went for it time and again. ... read more
John Snow

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Lithgow May 27th 2017

STEAMPUNK...The Kingdom of Ironfest. I think I'm having an identity crisis. I have always regarded myself as Aussie through and least eight generations. But recently I realised I am one quarter Canadian. Not hard to work out as my paternal grandmother was from Newfoundland...never done the maths until now...explains why I like maple syrup. Went to the St Ives Medieval Faire last year and was reminded of my Viking heritage. Now I've been to Ironfest I'm wondering if Jules Verne was my grandfather. ****** Crossing the Blue Mountains to Lithgow...the sun setting behind Celtic crosses and angels in the graveyard...entering the Kingdom of Ironfest to catch a glimpse of setting up...a guy with long red curls and a red satin dress...the Joker joining him for my first portrait session...a dinosaur bone collector and a witch. ... read more

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