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February 18th 2006
Published: April 7th 2006
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A horrendous hangover saw me and the boy wonder (Adam), trudge down to Central station at ridiculous-o'clock in the afternoon, I say ridiculous because the aim was to get out of Sydney as early as possible to get the train up to the Blue Mountains and get in two full days of bushwalking, but the Beer Monkey had other ideas and had obviously drugged us the night before and been jumping up and down on our heads as we slept.

With our loaded backpacks, and thumping headaches and the standard hangover panacea - McDonalds - we journeyed up to Katoomba. In usual fashion, we had no idea where we were going, other than a train station, but I'm starting to learn that flying by the seat of your pants isn't always destined for failure, and sure as eggs are eggs, a friendly guy at the local camping shop gave us loads of suggestions of walks, travel and accomodation.

The plan was to setup camp for the night - yep, we were doing it properly - and start the treck early in the morning, but for the time being, we wandered down the main road to investigate the fabled Three Sisters.

and wow, are they three pretty hot sisters!!

The most fantastic vista just opens out before you, showing a huge expance of forest, mountains and dramatic rock formations. Check out the photos! It's madness to think that amazing view is just an hours train journey out from the city! Fantastic!

There was a small, but eye-opening hours walk to get to our campsite along the clift-tops and cable cars. Most shocking was the moment when Adam reached for the handrail and nearly made intimate friends with a huge furry spider, the size of a CD.

Towards the end of the walk, the path opened out into a breathtaking lookout. We stood for ages, taking in the mountains and watching the huge lightening storm repeatedly strike the forest, far in the distance. Not wanting to be caught out, we made a move to get the tent up before the campsite turned to mud.

The walk was stunning - I wish I could upload some of the video footage that I'd taken, it would really blow you away - we walked for hours, coming across: Lyre birds, Brown-bellied snakes, huge Termite mounds, cascading waterfalls, and sweet little paddling pools.


Additional photos below
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Adam having a paddleAdam having a paddle
Adam having a paddle

If you look hard enough, you can see the fresh water croc just behind himm in the distance....

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