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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Goulburn March 18th 2020

Left Goulburn heading out to the Southern Highlands and through some back country .... very green and much like the Waikato except for more contour, a big dairy farming district the Southern Highlands ... Gourmet Meat Pies everywhere and has become our breakfast/lunch go to with a good coffee mid day. The historic towns became very Scottish Bundanoon Exeter, Mossvale and Bowral, didn't get out to Berrima popular for cherries. Stopped at Bundanoon for the Pie Shop and Coffee, drove around ... looks like these places are popular with the Sydney'ites for their cycling walking holidays and properties getting pricey. Made a detour from Mossvale out to Fitzroy Falls and took the short walk to have a look, did the round trip about 60 kms and saw the Fitzroy Water Reservoir ... nice drive back to ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Goulburn February 4th 2018

Once in a while someone's generosity of heart moves many to say, "Thank you, we appreciate what you do for us." Born Stephen but to his school friends from decades ago, he's Sam. We met at Sydney Grammar School...among 180 first year boys. I was the little blonde kid in the Rugby Union team for the tinys...those kids that had to play against other GPS school teams of the same age but tiny. T'was I who broke a finger as wicket keeper in the cricket team and whose hand-caste came off while swimming in the Lane Cove River. It was playing cricket that I met Sam. He was the biggest boy in the team, the slowest runner...but the most dependable. Master of the block...that defensive stroke where you don't score runs but you don't get out. ... read more
SGS U13 Cricket
SGS U14 Cricket
SGS U15 Cricket

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Goulburn June 21st 2015

Morning Everyone, We made it through the night well. All the kids were great and got a bit if sleep which was nice. We just stopped for breakfast at Goulburn and are doing the last hour to Canberra. The sun is shining which is great and deceptive for the kids as was 1 degree for breakfast. We have bike riding and a visit to the national museum today. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Goulburn March 18th 2014

After breakfast we made the phone calls to the various sites we’d chosen last night. Unfortunately, that only eliminated a couple as the rest insisted that their sites were fine for large RVs. We’ll have to go and check them out physically. If you’re not sure, there’s nothing better than to walk around the site and look at how flat the ground is and whether the roads have tight corners or over-hanging trees. It takes time but stops any problems when you’re halfway in! On the way, we called into Goulburn to buy a few supplies and look around the town. It was full of old buildings from the 1840s but there were a lot of empty shops in the main street. One highlight, however, was the Belmore Park, in the centre of town. It was ... read more
Goulburn, NSW
The Court House, Goulburn
Goulburn, NSW

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Goulburn March 17th 2014

After a bit of cleaning and general maintenance we left the expensive site at Heathcote and set out for a free site at Goulburn (every bit of saving helps, especially after expensive days!). On recommendation, we used the Heathcote Road to get to the Hume Motorway, which fortunately turned out to be a good road with not too many long uphill climbs - so no worries about overheating this time, thank goodness. There were not too many RVs, either, just an enormous number of big trucks as it is the main route between Sydney and Melbourne. At one point we were sandwiched between two enormous trucks towing trailers. Despite our rig’s size we were dwarfed and it felt very squeezy and quite intimidating! I was glad when they thundered past us! On the way, we crossed ... read more
Derricks Rest Area, near Goulburn NSW
Towrang Bridge, NSW
Derricks Rest Area, near Goulburn, NSW

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Goulburn March 26th 2013

Only 700km to Melbourne. Just 'down the road apiece' as you might say. I'll try not to get too stressed out by the irritating fact that it won't add up top the magical 20,000 but I think I can live with that. I certainly don't plan to wander about the roads of NSW/ Victoria to achieve it. Confession: I cycled from Wangi WAngi to the station in Morrisset and took the train to Cabramatta in Sydney to avoid cycling through the city. Wottawhimp! Easy peddling the 3rd and last of the eastern highways of this huge island, the Hume. Actually great riding as the hard shoulder is a designated cyclepath. Strange but true. Slowing up on the last week or 2 as the weather is pleaasantly warm, the scenery a bit reminisent of parts of England, ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Goulburn March 8th 2012

I just want to have a look what the photos will look like and if you can comment on them etc.... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Goulburn October 10th 2010

Louise's Section 'God has been good to me but it looked as if H'w l'andonne me now. Mavhe H was angry because He'd already done the best for me; He'd eve'. 'ne free' - n real '-dom and a community that adcn'jted we completely' Welcome to the world of my reading leisure, Papillon, as re-written by the Malaysians in this pirated copy...can you tell? I still think the best line was 'the chief then opened his anus, I knew then he understood' and 'the chicken being cooked on a snit'. So, we moved on from Canberra to Pretty Beach on the East Coast, north of Batemans Bay. We stayed in a nature reserve that was beautiful and had loads of wild Kangaroo's hanging about and birds squawking all the time. Still think the locals are mad ... read more
Jervis Bay

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Goulburn October 22nd 2008

Hello everybody !!! Last place on my Blog was Lake Keepit - for those of you who don't know- it's after Tamworth, heading towards Dubbo. After Gunnedah we stopeed in at the Waterways Wildlife Park - an absolutely delightly wildlife mini-zoo and exceptional value @ $5/head. They had lots of animals and a myriad of parrots of all sizes and colours. Then on to Dubbo where we went to The Old Dubbo Gaol and the Western Plains Zoo. The zoo is just FANtastic - SOOOOO much better than Sydney's Taronga. Spent about 5 hours there!!!. It started to get a little chilly again from there on (we heading south you see!). Some glorious countryside around these parts and VERY green - don't know why a lot of areas are still called 'in drought' and have water ... read more
Parkes Observatory
Mt Conobalas
Mount Panorama

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Goulburn September 26th 2008

Here in Australia, apparently size does matter.... Not only do australians have an affinity for big landscapes, big beers, and big people (recently ranked the #1 fattest nation in the world), but they also love making larger-than-life road side replica's of the things dearest to them - like koalas, bananas, lobsters, and even macadamia nuts. You could spend your whole life touring the country looking for these 'impressive' road-side attractions, and we were lucky enough to happen upon our first big thing a few weeks ago, on a weekend road trip. Taking advantage of the fact that we had a car for the weekend, we decided to take a trip down to Canberra (more on that later)... Canberra is about a 3 hour drive south-west of Sydney, and there isn't much on the drive except farmland ... read more
The Big Merino
Posing with the Big Merino
Big Merino Butt (and Heidi)

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