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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Dubbo August 4th 2019

Brrr, it was cold this morning, but the sky was blue and the sun was shining. This made it a bit difficult to decide what to wear - if we started with our puffer coats on we were going to be carrying them before long. We decided to tough it out to start with in just T-shirts and jumpers ... which was fine when we were standing in the sun, but very chilly when we were in the shade! We made a good start and arrived at the zoo right on opening time at 9.00am, with our Melbourne Zoo membership entitling us to free entry at the Taronga Western Plains Zoo through the zoos’ reciprocal arrangements. After driving all day yesterday we decided that we should complete the six kilometre circuit of the zoo on foot. ... read more
Black Rhinoceros
A Tower of Giraffes

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Dubbo August 3rd 2019

This morning we packed the car and set off for Dubbo. Now that we live on the northern side of the city we found it very easy to make our way to the Hume Highway via the Western Ring Road. If we still lived in Hallam we would have needed to start an hour earlier! Our first stop was in Shepparton where we tracked down some of their Moooving Art - a public art exhibition featuring life-sized 3D cows. Moooving Art pays homage to the strength of the dairy industry in Greater Shepparton. The region produces a large percentage of Australia’s dairy exports, making the cow a perfect choice for this exhibition. Moooving Art was initially seen as a unique and innovative way to increase the district’s dairy profile, but it also provides opportunities for established ... read more
More Moooving Art
Another painted cow!
Shepparton, Victoria

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Dubbo September 18th 2015

We were still worrying about the broken aerial and so we decided to drive all the way in to Dubbo next morning and see if we could get it repaired. We tried a few places without luck, but then hit on an auto electrician who also did two way radio installs and he was confident he could do the job. You'll need to leave it with me for a couple of hours at least he said, so we walked into the city centre and had lunch and discussed what else we might do while we were waiting for the work to be done. The phone rang just then and the sparky was finished! Excellent work and then we needed to find somewhere to stay (we had selected a free camp site for the night but we ... read more
Western Plains Zoo
Western Plains Zoo
Western Plains Zoo

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Dubbo June 6th 2014

I woke at 7am and went out to watch the sunrise, nippy but quite pretty. Then after breakfast and making a cut lunch, we opened the door to leave and were pleasantly surprised to see a Red Winged Parrot sitting in the olive tree right outside our door. He was beautiful. Once he’d flown away we drove to Taronga Western Plains Zoo. We thought we’d take a look before committing ourselves to going in because it cost $33.50 each for Seniors (a lot more for normal!) which we were baulking at paying. It turns out that the entry fee is so high because some of the money goes into conservation and breeding programs both in Australia and overseas. One example is the new freely downloadable application they have produced for people to report breaches of international ... read more
Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo
Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo
Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Dubbo February 11th 2014

With family living a little north of Newcastle, this part of the journey is becoming common, but certainly not boring. There is an ongoing major upgrade of the Pacific Highway between Brisbane and Sydney, or more particularly a little north of Newcastle to Brisbane. Even though it is just a few weeks since we were in Newcastle, new sections of the 4 lane highway have opened, and others in various states of construction. Those who followed our trip last year around Australia will recall that we were stranded for about 10 days due to floods on the Pacific Highway. One of the major problems was the river at Kempsey which had a huge flood - just about 3 weeks before a new highway was due to open. This year the road is open and a huge ... read more
Always on guard
Baby Eland stands for the first time
Found them!

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Dubbo October 3rd 2013

A 2 consecutive day ticket is the only offer at Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo. We wondered if this was necessary. After spending an afternoon there being thoroughly entertained with animal antics we decided we needed to go back the next day for more. Wednesday afternoon was hot and windy. Shorts and a tee was the popular dress code. Whereas Thursday was cold and wet so long pants and rain jackets were the order of the day. Clearly some people got it wrong … and were regretting it. Large enclosures, many surrounded by an earth berm and electric fence allowed uninterrupted views and security from and for the animals. None-the-less many of the exhibits still managed to find a location in which to semi-hide. Covering a large expanse, movement around the zoo was to walk, ride ... read more
Waiting for a feed
Well worth watching
Hello there!

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Dubbo October 2nd 2013

On the drive from Forbes to Dubbo we were in the town of Parks when we received a call on the CB radio that the stone cover on our caravan front window had come undone. We pulled over as soon as possible and to our horror found that the catch was missing and the stone guard was completely loose. The stone shield had also developed two small tears in the fiberglass – one on each side. Greg climbed up onto the “A frame” as massive semi trailers rushed past only four feet from the side of our van – certainly not a time to fall backward! To our amazement the locking mechanism was wedged in the top of the stone guard, between the two top hinges. Closer inspection showed that it was missing the locking “tongue” ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Dubbo September 27th 2013

Geo: -32.243, 148.605Did very little today and it was exhausting. We went to the Salvation Army Op Shop and Mick bought two more shirts, I picked up a couple of socks, then we went to the RSL, what a place it was huge. It did have some really good memorabilia from the different wars and some great photo's which told a story themselves.They had three eating areas, pokies which there would have been 250, big areas for the TAB, an Alfresco area which itself had close to 50 pokies, Mick had a smoke there then we had lunch. Members price was $10 for crumbed fish or battered. Mick had Roast Pork and I had crumbed fish, huge meal for $16.50 each. Members Draw is $10,500, they have on Thursday's, Friday is another Members Draw and Sunday's ... read more
This Black Swan
Black Handed Spider Monkeys
An Ostrich

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Dubbo September 26th 2013

Geo: -32.243, 148.605Arrived at the Zoo to get tickets for the Giraffe Encounter, sold out already for the morning and we were there at 8.15am. Managed to get tickets for the 2.20pm session this afternoon. Our Wild Africa Encounter is at 10.45am, so we left and went into town to give the guy at Auto Spares back his tool, he lent Mick to put the glow plugs into the ute. Mick is very pleased with the ute, it started straight away and has not given us an ounce of trouble. Getting 12L per 100 km, ( an olden but a good one). We did some shopping then came back to the caravan until 10.15am, then went back to the Zoo, the beginning of a wonderful experience. I took 82 photo's of the beautiful animals, they have ... read more
This one liked my shirt
The Black Rhino

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Dubbo September 25th 2013

Geo: -32.243, 148.605Left Coonabarrabran, 7.30am on our way to Dubbo, 31o forecast, so will get the trip finished early. Booked into the Big 4 Caravan Park at 9.30am. Set up and realized if we want to see the Zoo tomorrow we need to book to see the Big Cats Encounters, Giraffes in Focus, and Wild Africa Encounter. The Zoo is 2 minutes away, so we drove to it to buy the tickets we will need.Well there were hundreds of cars and people around and at 10.30am the Big Cat Encounter had sold out for today and tomorrow. We have booked the Wild Africa Encounter, for tomorrow and in the morning when they open at 8.30am we will stand in line for tickets to feed and photograph the Giraffes in focus. No luck with the big cats, ... read more
A White Rhino
Baby White Rhino with Mum

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