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May 7th 2012
Published: May 7th 2012
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Forest walkForest walkForest walk

Tangled vines and roots
Marg and I jumped into our Horizon Motorhome and spent 6 days traveling from Brisbane to Coffs Harbour, Dorrigo, Guyar, Mann River, Casino and back home.

The weather forecast was not good and night one we experienced a loud thunder storm. When we got to Dorrigo it looked like the weather was going to close in quite quickly. The Drive from Coffs to Dorrigo climbs up through the Great Dividing Range, past the Newell and Sherrard Falls and to the Dorrigo Rain Forest Centre.

These are very old rain forests, a mixture of trees with tangled vines and buttress root systems supporting the trees in relatively shallow soil. There is a magical bird chorus in the forest, red necked pademelons on the fringes of the forest. There are many fungi and lichen varieties. Had the weather not been closing in, we would have spent a whole day in this forest, so all I have is some samples from here, Ebor, Guya (Mother Of Ducks Pond - a protected wet land) and Mann River.

The descent from the high plateau to the Mann River took us through the Whirpoole NP which was just alive with Bell Bird song. They
Forest walk 2Forest walk 2Forest walk 2

A beautiful easy walk - just wish the weather wasn't closing in.
were all around, but well hidden in the tree tops. Their bell is very sharp and powerful. There must have been many birds as we were continuously surrounded by these unseen birds.

We will visit this area again.

Additional photos below
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Forest Walk 3Forest Walk 3
Forest Walk 3

Good easy walking paths
Forest Walk 5Forest Walk 5
Forest Walk 5

Buttress roots
Forest walk 6Forest walk 6
Forest walk 6

Just sat there for the photo shoot
Forest walk 7Forest walk 7
Forest walk 7

Such variety on the forest floor
Forest walk 8Forest walk 8
Forest walk 8

A huge variety of fungi and lichen grow in this ever wet forest
Forest walk 9Forest walk 9
Forest walk 9

Red Necked Pademelon
Forest walk 10Forest walk 10
Forest walk 10

View from the treetop platform
Forest walk 11Forest walk 11
Forest walk 11

Great 3d artwork on the centre
Ebor Falls 1Ebor Falls 1
Ebor Falls 1

Lower Ebor Falls
Ebor Falls 2Ebor Falls 2
Ebor Falls 2

The pool
Ebor Falls 3Ebor Falls 3
Ebor Falls 3

Lower Falls - like a vail of water
Ebor Falls 4Ebor Falls 4
Ebor Falls 4

The upper twin falls
Ebor Falls 5Ebor Falls 5
Ebor Falls 5

Fishing at base of the upper falls
Washpool NPWashpool NP
Washpool NP

Boundary Creek Falls
Mann River 1Mann River 1
Mann River 1

The Mann river had a steady flow
Mann River 2Mann River 2
Mann River 2

A beautiful river valley
Mann River 3Mann River 3
Mann River 3

Full Moon Rising
Mann River 4Mann River 4
Mann River 4

Sun has set
Mann River 5Mann River 5
Mann River 5

Candy Floss sunset
Mann River 6Mann River 6
Mann River 6

Dusky Skyline
Mann River 7Mann River 7
Mann River 7

Super Moon
A couple of localsA couple of locals
A couple of locals

Always a popular subject in photo shoots.

1st June 2013
A couple of locals

Great shot
Not easy to photograph kookas...great shot
3rd June 2013
A couple of locals

Kooka photos
They are one of our favourite birds. Easier to get than many of the little birds like the Robin I photographed at Lake Towerinining. They only settle for seconds! Kookas at least wait a while. How is your trip going? I've run into a heart rhythm problem so have been with the family in Perth for the last couple of weeks. See Cardiologist tomorrow to get outcome of tests. Rob

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