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May 17th 2007
Published: August 8th 2007
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Now, everyone knows how EXCITED I was about a trip back to Sydney ... and let me tell you, I was not disappointed. Didn't head home for any particular reason so had plenty of time for catching up with family and friends - a perfect trip (if only it was a bit longer).

It's lucky there are only three meals in a day (plus morning and afternoon tea of course) or I would have had to roll onto the plane. I think I managed to book myself in for an 'event' for nearly every meal.

Was great to see the family (well, the parents and extended family anyway, Si was in the US), and catch up with all my mates. Thanks to everyone who made the time to see me - it was fab to catch up.

So - what did I do?

Spent quite bit of time with small children belonging to friends and family, including my favourite jedi knight, Matty, with whom I bonded over Star Wars and light sabres (a young man with great taste). Aslo visited baby Riley, who was born since I moved overseas, not so baby Lily and Fin, and Magali, Cayla and Owen - who are turning into real people now. It's a bit sad to miss out on all the growing up they are doing while I am not looking.

Went for a swim in the ocean - lovely. Wish I had more time for that - although I did manage to fit in a couple of walks along the beach as well, which was lovely. Unfortunately, my hectic schedule of breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee dates did not allow me to fit much beach time in (and the weather coming into winter was not very conducive to sunbathing either - although it was still warmer then London!!)

Ate my favourite lunch (fresh king prawns on a white bread sandwich) several and my fave dinner (mum's lamb roast) - thanks mum!!!

Had good coffee (something all to rare in London) and great conversation with mates as we caught up over a flat white - heaven!

Had a barbie with my old school mates, including the Aussie staples of cricket and frisbie.

Watched the Mighty Sea Eagles beat the Melbourne Storm at their home ground of Brookie Oval in order to retain their number one position on the league ladder (and was instrumental in Dad winning a 'supporter's pack' to ensure he is properly decked out for the next home game.

Recreated a big Friday night out with the old work crew - drinks at Elevation, dinner at BBQ King and Karaoke where we belted out all the old favourites.

A special thanks to Caps and Rach for taking the time to organise events for me - great work guys - and, of course to mum and dad ... for everything!

All too soon it was over, and I was jetting back to London. Miss you all guys - keep me posted with all your news!

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Go the Eagles!Go the Eagles!
Go the Eagles!

Top of the table - go team!!

All the hits
Posing at Long Reef Posing at Long Reef
Posing at Long Reef

A walk with dad

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