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August 8th 2019
Published: August 8th 2019
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This morning we set off from Armidale to drive along the Waterfall Way to the coast. We hadn’t even reached the outskirts of Armidale when the Golf’s tyre pressure warning system alerted us to a change in tyre pressure in the passenger side rear wheel. To be on the safe side we headed back into town to check the tyres. Hmmn, sure enough, the tyre did need some air.

With the tyre situation addressed, our first stop was at the Baker’s Creek Falls. There was a little bit of water in Baker’s Creek, but not enough to flow over the falls. Ah well, a short stop was all that was needed because there was no need for Bernie to set up the tripod to take arty photos of the waterfall.

A little bit further along Waterfall Way we drove into Wollomombi Gorge in the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park. At the moment there is only a spectacular gorge to be seen because Australia’s second highest waterfall is currently dry. The national park is also home to Chandlers Falls, but these too are suffering from the drought conditions. However, some derelict chimneys just outside the park provided us with a photo opportunity!

Our next stop was Point Lookout in the New England National Park. The lookout is the highest point in this part of the Great Dividing Range and provided us with a panoramic view over the ranges and out to the coast. Beautiful.

Approaching lunchtime we arrived at Ebor Falls in the Guy Fawkes River National Park. These falls are situated very close to the main road which is convenient but, most importantly, there is water flowing over them!! The falls consist of an upper and lower cascade of water and they are quite spectacular. We certainly noticed a difference in the landscape as we drove up and over the divide and then down to the coast. It is so much drier inland than it is by the coast.

Fortunately there was a a cafe in Ebor, the Fusspot Cafe, which meant that we could have some lunch before continuing on to Dorrigo. The name of the cafe is inspired by their collection of teapots displayed around the cafe. We enjoyed out BLAT sandwiches with lots of bacon.

Unfortunately the tyre pressure problem was ongoing with the tyre pressure warning being activated again! When we reached Dorrigo we pulled into a servo for air, but the air hose was dodgy. Oh well, we thought, hopefully we can manage until we get to Thora.

Before Thora though, we stopped in at the Dorrigo Rainforest Centre where we walked out onto their Skywalk for a stunning view towards Coffs Harbour. As we pulled up at the centre it was threatening to rain so we dug our raincoats out. We were lucky not to be rained on, but the moisture in the air resulted in a rainbow being visible from the Skywalk. Hopefully it shows up in our photos! A short distance from the rainforest centre we drove out to Griffiths Lookout for another amazing view out towards the coast.

Oh no, there was no air at the Thora service station so we had to cross our fingers that we’d be able to check the tyre at Bellingen. Cathy and Steve followed us so that in a worst case scenario they might be able to render some assistance. With mobile coverage patchy this seemed like a very good idea. Unbelievable, we arrived at the servo in Bellingen to find it ringed in temporary fencing while it is being refurbished!!

Damn, we really needed to check/top up the air in the tyre rather than drive all the way to Coffs Harbour on a deflating tyre so we set the SatNav for Uranga which our apps indicated as being the next nearest servo. Yay, lucky for us, just outside Bellingen our eyes told us that there was a servo much closer than Uranga and, better still, it had an air hose and Bernie was able to put some much-needed air in the tyre to get us to Coffs Harbour.

We arrived in Coffs Harbour and quickly unpacked the Golf so that Bernie could take it down to a tyre service place before closing time. Whilst the tyre place was still open, the staff who could fix the tyre were already gone for the day. At least the staff still there were able to take the wheel off and put the spare on and send Bernie on his way with the promise that the tyre will be fixed first thing in the morning.

The Bowling Club was the closest place for a meal tonight. It was OK, but nowhere near as good as the White Bull in Armidale.

It was one game to the girls and one to the boys tonight.

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