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October 20th 2006
Published: October 20th 2006
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Well, we're now in Byron Bay after surfing our way up the east coast of Australia for the past 5 days. Only one word can describe our journey with "Surfaris:" INCREDIBLE!!!! Learning to surf was wondeful, the national parks we camped in were beautiful, the wildlife we saw was amazing, and our instructors/guides were an absolute joy to be associated with.

I don't even know where to being with the updates for this past week, so I might have to leave this until tomorrow. I'm exhausted after getting up at 5am for the past two days to catch the sunrise and the best early morning waves. Yes, you heard me right. Jess, the anti-morning girl of all time voluntarily woke up at 5am to do physical activity. That's the kind of hardcore surfer that Surfaris makes of you! Ohhh do I ever look physically abused, though. I better not go to a doctor anytime soon or they'll be forced to do an investigation into my homelife. Never before have had had so many, so big, and so colourful bruises alllll over my body. Both knees are swollen, black/purple masses, my pelvic bones are covered in chocolate cookie sized colour mixtures, and I have these dark splotches all over my arms that looks like I've been grabbed and restrained for awhile by some kind of attacker. Ahhhh all in a week's surfing, I guess! It's seriously violent if you're not good (which I most definitely am not). And let me tell you, a fiberglass surfboard is one hard implement. Add to matter the fact that it was freeeeezing cold for 3/5 days so I couldn't feel my body for most of the time in the water, and you have the perfect conditions for a seriously brutal physical beating.

Rosco, one of our guides, filmed pretty much everything we did the whole time and he's putting together a DVD tonight and tomorrow with all the highlights from the trip. The whole group is having a party at a local bar tomorrow and we're going to watch the finished product. I can't wait!!! Then we're ordering a copy and will have it sent home.

Pat, our main trip leader, was incredible. Awesome surfer, amazing, halarious person--he had it all. He really did a great time teaching us and making our entire trip a great experience. He even took me out on a big tandem surfboard a couple times to help me get the hang of it. That's no easy feat, because paddling any surfboard (let alone a huge one) is hard work!!! I "helped" but my paddling skills are seriously shotty so it was pretty much all him.

I am surrounded by amazing surf shops and and seriiously needing to hold back from going crazy with purchases. We have all day free in Byron Bay tomorrow, so I'll see how well I do with the restraint.

I'll right more tomorrow, but Mark is unbelievably bored right now because he didn't want to buy internet access so I'd better go. I'll try to post some pictures from the trip, but I didn't take many.

Bye for now!



20th October 2006

Mom's computer can copy DVD's when you get back to Sydney.

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