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January 27th 2011
Published: January 27th 2011
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Rear Driver's SideRear Driver's SideRear Driver's Side

At time of writing, yet to plant this into anything solid in reverse.
By popular request for the van-addicted among you, some piccies and 10 things we learnt about camper-vanning:

1. When going to the amenities block (especially at night), maintain a keen sense of direction and remember what your van looks like (for obvious reasons).

2. Empty any spare fluids before you set off, unless you want to be reminded of them on your journey ('nuff said).

3. Choose campsites near public pools, not with pools. This means: a) you get to swim rather than splash and b) your campsite is significantly less likely to be populated by hordes of screaming kiddies.

4. Never (repeat never) book into a campsite with an inflatable/bouncy anything (in our case 20M x 10M pillow) - as per previous point, many small people. In fact, avoid playgrounds and games rooms.

5. Wedge everything into a suitable crevice before you drive - have you ever tried to re-roll a loo roll, and did it work?

6. Be very nice to all campsite staff, especially when trying to find a powered site during a music festival. They might just take pity on the poor Poms in the 35C heat and find you one,
Relaxed ModeRelaxed ModeRelaxed Mode

Lovely assistant models the table and chairs mode for picnic lunches.
so you can turn your A/C on. NB: Does not need to apply in UK for obvious reasons.

7. Pretend you are slightly incapable English people who don't know the first thing about camping - actually performances probably not worthy of an Oscar on this score, but did help us out of a few scrapes.

8. Try not to leave parts of your van behind, as persuading people to post things on can be a little embarassing, albeit not impossible.

9. Small is beautiful. A site near a small town is far better than a site away from a large town or even in one. You should be able to walk from the van to the other end of the high street in less than 15 minutes.

10. Never ever get into a "I've got the biggest/newest/most kitted out etc" van competition - ever, ever. You will be disappointed when the hugest Winnebago with the widest awnings and flashest 4WD pull up next to you - some people spend serious dollars on these things.

Happy camping...

Additional photos below
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Front and SideFront and Side
Front and Side

Sunlight gleaming off windscreen and ready for the open road.
Back to FrontBack to Front
Back to Front

View from the rear doors with internal table up. This becomes part of the bed when turning in.
Mod ConsMod Cons
Mod Cons

TV/DVD out and view of sink and 3 ring gas hob.

Not enough room to swing a small toy koala, but good for emergencies. May try shower when "freedom camping" in north Island NZ.
Front to BackFront to Back
Front to Back

View from the Cab - rear seats become double bed (with addition of table top) and king bed (with addition of second top) - surpsingly comfy!

Lots of base and eye level storage, with room for suitcase storage through rear doors.
Command CentreCommand Centre
Command Centre

Sadly, doesn't come with a sinister, overfluffy white cat. However, does feel about 20 feet higher than all other road users, so definitely true owners of the road.
Cheeky Side on ShotCheeky Side on Shot
Cheeky Side on Shot

Most of the egress/exit through the sliding side door.

The full 7M (x3M) shown here from the side. Corners and roundabouts need t be given a wide bearth or you're on 2 wheels and the toaster is in the sink.

27th January 2011

It looks fantastic
Well, I have to say the trip looks fantastic. You certainly seem to be seeing a variety of places. You also seem to have avoided flooding and other catastrophies. I liked the campervan hints and tips. On to NZ and further adventures...
29th January 2011

Camper van glamour
Your camper van looks nicer than our house (though parking next to hoardes of kids is obviously a disadvantage we don't have). Does Simon drive it like the Audi? It would be quite exciting if he does and you would have seen the whole of Oz in about a week. Beach running sounds fantastic, laps of Richmond Park just won't cut it anymore. Enjoy NZ, look forward to hearing about your further adventures.
29th January 2011

Looks fab!
Hi guys, sounds like you are having a ball... bet chilly old pomland seems a million miles away! very witty comments simon - had us giggling, particularly the aussie litter sign and mid life crisis dilemma. personally i would always go for the harley but that's just me... life is hectic here, we sold tulula the TT today so no flashy car for us anymore, will have to make do with a go in yours!
23rd February 2011

Ooooo thank you
Hurrah - just found your van blog lurking in my spam folder! Hurrah and thank you - I thought your Maui was hugerer! Well, 3.3m longer than the Roma so quite big..... Looks positively luxurious and v. v. tidy. Nice.

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