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October 8th 2013
Published: October 19th 2013
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As it was a long weekend I wanted to go somewhere further than usual, to make the most of the extra day free. This is how I came up with the blue mountains. I've been before on a day trip but Alex had never been so we found a list of all the walks available and on Saturday decided on a 3 hour nature circuit at Wentworth falls. At the beginning of the walk the sound of cicadas was deafening. I'd never seen a cicada before, but I've seen plenty now! There were thousands of empty cicada shells covering numerous trees too, which was quite cool to see. About an hour into the walk we stopped for a picnic lunch at a lookout, giving us great views over a valley. After lunch we continued our walk through beautiful scenery, passing a couple of waterfalls on the way. They were way too cold to be tempting to swim in however. At the end of the walk we were faced with the biggest staircase I've ever seen. It seemed never ending! We were walking up steps for almost 15 minutes, with only very short stops for a drink, as we just wanted them to be over with! It was such a relief to see the car park at the top. It was a great walk, however next time I'd go the other way and rather be faced with deafening cicadas on level ground at the end than a never ending staircase.

After our walk we drove over to katoomba to do the touristy thing and see the 3 sisters whilst eating ice cream. By this time it was starting to get dark so we headed for a campsite and found dinner before an early night.

The next morning after quite a lie in as the light didn't wake us up we drove to mount Victoria, which provided some amazing views from the roadside. The walk we chose for sunday was a giant trees and ferns walk, which Alex was complaining was uphill after all the steps we'd already climbed, however we soon realised the walk only took around 10 minutes, so after we'd completed that we continued along the road where Alex spotted a red bellied black snake, but unfortunately even though we turned around I didnt see it as it has slithered off. The final stop was at a botanic garden, again plagued by cicadas, for a picnic lunch before heading off to Sydney for the night.

We had an amazing time in the blue mountains, and there's still so much more to see that I hope to go back before long 😊


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