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January 17th 2010
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The Indian Myna is an introduced bird in Australia that is becoming a bigger pest year by year. they are referred to by many as "rats with wings". They muscle in on our native birds territory and start destroying their nests and pushing them out of the area. They adapt really well in urban and semi urban areas.

We had absolutely no Indian Mynas in our area until about 3 years ago and then boom - their numbers have exploded. So, it is now time to fight back! Our local council has been running workshops on how to build traps and then eradicate them from the area. The council are encouraging as many people as possible to get involved.

Lorenza and our mate Paul attended a workshop today at the council works depot to see how the traps are made. We were surprised when we arrived to find about 50 other people had turned up form around the district. We got a set of plans and some tips on how to build the trap, plus info on how to gas the birds and dispose of them. The gassing is achieved very quickly via the car exhaust pipe.

We also got some tips from some people with experience trapping the Mynas. They are not stupid animals, hence the reason they can take over an area pushing out the competition. Apparently, if they see you killing birds from their flock they will not come to the traps as they learn from others mistakes. So the gassing of the birds needs to be done discreetly. I took some photos of completed traps before leaving the council depot and heading to Paul's to make our first trap.

Back at Chez Paul we did lots of snipping and bending of wire, a bit of cursing and some minor bleeding from scratches from the wire mesh. A few hours later we had our first Indian Myna trap built and it turned out looking pretty much like the prototypes at the council depot.

Now to get trapping those pesky rats with wings!

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19th January 2010

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